15 Day Meditation Challenge

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Day 8 - Increase Energy [GUIDED MEDITATION]

by Vanessa Loder | 15 Day Challenge

Day 8 - Increase Energy [FIRESIDE CHAT]

by Vanessa Loder | 15 Day Challenge

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  • L says:

    Sleep is an area I need to work on and know it! I don’t have an issue sleeping, but I don’t always set aside those eight hours. And too often I stay up too late to accomplish more on my list, planning a nap the next afternoon to repay my sleep debt. Not being a morning person, I usually get a fairly slow start. Metabolism dictates breakfast not long after rising, and I linger with the San Francisco Chronicle.

    Right now I’m hungry, but I eat a very healthy diet. Not a problem there.

    Clutter! Aargh! I can feel stress just looking at a pile of papers that need action. It is my major stressor. I’m grateful to you for sharing the Power Hour and it will be my main strategy to attack clutter. In the past I have set a timer for five minutes, thus committing to a short break in whatever else my day requires. Never have I stopped when the timer goes off. Another inspiration is Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life. Perhaps you know the charming story Lamott shares to explain the title.

    I found today’s chat very energizing!

    • Vanessa Loder says:

      Thanks so much! I hope you are able to create a Power Hour for yourself. I know it will assist you greatly!

  • Reny says:

    Thank you so much for your insights!

  • Karen Rowe says:

    I completely loved the fireside chat as I began with a 9 and it increased to a 10. I also loved the image of the pyramid of light. However, I must tell you that when you suggested gold pouring into my head, I felt ill at ease and finally had to stop the meditation. The good part is that your meditation has a strong impact for me and has been extremely positive. The introduction of metal, however, pouring into me was not a good sensation. I had to stop. Others would most likely not have such a reaction, but needed to share how I feel with you as I respect your grace with sharing these helpful meditations and talks.

    • Thanks for the feedback Karen! As always, do whatever works best for you. If hearing the word “24 carat gold” made your mind focus on a metal in a way that wasn’t helpful, you can try imagining a gold light instead of gold metal. Similar to the white pyramid of light, just add a gold light into the pyramid. Play around with it and do whatever you feel called to do. Stopping the meditation is also always an option. Trust your own inner knowing and have fun! 🙂

      • Karen Rowe says:

        Thanks Vanessa –I shared my feeling with my buddy from the 31 day challenge who is also doing this one with me. She imagined the color gold and was not affected in the way I was. This might be because I grew up when my Father had a foundry and at an early age I worked with metal. It was not always a positive experience. Interesting realization I just thought of. Anyway, as always thank you for your response and the meditation.

        • Vanessa Loder says:

          Absolutely! I can see how you would see metal in a different light then others then! So interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  • Geo says:

    Very helpful.

  • Reny says:

    My kids take away my energy on so many levels; they also constantly produce clutter. Eating better might help a bit but not significantly.

    • Thank you for sharing Reny! Yes, kids are so wonderful and also so draining as you’re constantly taking care of someone else’s needs. Finding time to be all by yourself with no kids, no partner, not even a friend whose agenda or needs you have to take into consideration could be a great way to boost your energy. Even if it’s just one hour or only ten minutes of quiet time by yourself where you get to do exactly what YOU want to do, you’ll find that time very nourishing. On the clutter front, I’ve found that there are a few places in my house where I really can’t stand clutter and so I’ve set very clear boundaries with my kids and husband that those areas need to be clutter free, and then I’m more flexible in other areas (although it still drains me a bit, just less so). Perhaps identifying what type of clutter or which rooms/tables/etc. most drain your energy and taking care of those first would give you a quick energy boost. De-cluttering is a GREAT way to increase your energy!!! My daughter and I decluttered her whole art and craft area and desk, and every time I walk in her room, I feel happier these days! It was a full day project on the weekend…but I’m still reaping the rewards from it. And she is too. Now she can actually find her favorite coloring books. 😉

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