30 Day Meditation Challenge

Leave a comment below, what’d you think of Day 12?

Day 12 - Let Go of Other People's Negative Energy

by Vanessa Loder | 30 Day Challenge

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  • Karen says:

    Perfect! Thank you! Staying grounded👍🙏💗

  • Marcelle says:

    I liked this medication however when I got to day 22 I then felt like day 22 should have been before day 12… as day 22 focuses on the technique. They’re both great sessions but perhaps the other way around would have made more sense. Thank you though. Overall this has been a great experience.

    • That’s a very astute observation Marcelle, thanks for sharing it. We used to have those meditations in the order you suggest, but then people seemed to prefer the topic of releasing other people’s energy so we moved that one earlier in the sequence. We’ll consider going back to the original order, thank you for the feedback.

  • Karen says:

    I have done this meditation before and really like it. I didn’t like dropping the whole person though, just wanted to release the negative energy from them. Whew–glad she didn’t blow up! This is a good meditation to start the day in a more balanced state of mind.

    • ha! Yes, it can feel weird to drop a person down your grounding cord but it doesn’t hurt them at all. If you prefer to release just the energy, you can experiment with visualizing their energy and collecting it all in a jar or large container, and then sending that down your grounding cord. I often feel uncomfortable sending the whole person down, but then I feel lighter afterwards. It’s just a visual that represents their energy, even though it can feel more personal. You can play around and see what works best for you.

  • Van says:

    Very relaxong sfter a hard challenging dsy at work .Helped me to focus and center

  • MK says:

    I laughed out loud when my inbox – 20k unread messages in 3 emails – exploded at the center of the universe. I didn’t care if it was real, it made me happy.

  • Kristl says:

    I’ve used this meditation multiple times in the last week. It’s very powerful!

  • T says:

    How do you know when I need the meditation I need. It seems that when I listen to the meditation of the day it’s always what I need and keeps me on track.

    • Vanessa Loder says:

      aww, thanks T! It’s funny how we’re often given exactly what we need. There’s an expression; “when the student is ready, the teacher appears.” and I’ve certainly found that to be true on my journey. Whatever question or issue I’m grappling with, if I ask for guidance, the right person or book or resource always shows up. It’s pretty magical.

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