This retreat is for graduates of the Create Work You Love program to keep the momentum going, support each other, deepen into even more tools and processes to gain clarity and TURBO CHARGE your ability to create work you love!

Hear What Others Are Saying: 

“To say the CWYL Retreat changed my life would be an understatement.  The retreat is really about connecting with your true self and learning how to Create a Life You Love.  It is so much more than just work focused. Through the retreat I was able to gain greater clarity on my passions, strengths, and purpose.  I was also able to connect with the other women in such a meaningful way. The love and support of this tribe is unparalleled and I am honored to be part of this family.”
   – Kaitlin

“I walked away from the CWYL Retreat with significant clarity on my goals and steps to achieve them.  The tools Vanessa teaches are unlike any I’ve learned elsewhere, and the experience is fun and challenging.  Vanessa teaches with heart, intelligence, and empathy.”
   – Ally Letteri

“The retreat was powerful for me because 1) it created such focused and intense time and space to work on the concepts you cover throughout the course, 2) the incredibly supportive & like-minded group of women who came together and provided so much candor & love to every part of the retreat and 3) the exercises you did that weren’t part of the class – the most powerful one I keep going back to – even months later – is the squares (red, yellow, green).”
   – Diane Mulcahy

“I’ve been missing a “tribe” to which I can feel a sense of belonging. After having attended the retreat, I feel as though we created a deep connection and are supporting one another on our journeys. I am so glad to have participated in this program and the retreat, and remain inspired by Vanessa’s story as well as those of other participants!
   – Laura Lok

“I can’t thank you enough for the clarity you have provided me! I have been raving about it and have a number of women that are interested in your course, and even more so another retreat…hopefully you are getting another one on the books soon!
– Emily Thawley

“The CWYL Retreat was exactly what I needed at this time in my life. I am still amazed at how perfect the timing was. I feel stronger, more optimistic, and more confident that I’m on the right path. Thank you Vanessa for the practical tools and approaches, and the magic. I feel strengthened by this class and this group and am excited for the next steps in my journey.”
   – Maura Allen

“I joined the CWYL Retreat because I was not feeling fulfilled in my current work situation and wanted to explore other options.  Vanessa helped me by providing material and exercises that opened my mind which allowed me to look at things differently. The result was enlightening! I found the experience very good and have connected with other women who have found themselves searching for fulfilling work. I would recommend the CWYL Retreat to anyone who feels stuck in their current work situation and wants to explore ways to become unstuck and move on.”
   – Amy Caron

“Vanessa’s retreat was a wonderful way to take time out of my daily life and focus on creating work that I love.  I learned more tools, enjoyed yoga, lots of long chats and wonderful food all within a very supportive environment.  Well worth it!”
   – Suzanne Miller


The purpose of this retreat is to give you:

  • Quiet time and space to focus on your next career move
  • Tools, strategies and ideas you can put into practice right away to create work (and a life!) you love.
  • Opportunity to go deeper and get individualized, focused attention and practical tips
  • Build greater community, camaraderie and connections with others on a similar journey
  • More clarity on your goals and a concrete vision of what you’re looking for
  • Exercises and powerful healing modalities that can only be done in person
  • A big push forward to progress towards Creating Work You Love!
  • Learn even more from the successes and challenges of others and receive support from others similarly seeking to CWYL
  • Inspiration, relaxation and fun!

What to expect?

During this four day retreat, you’ll get additional clarity and coaching, greater insights from Vanessa, shared learnings from other participants, have the chance to meet in person to strengthen connections, prioritize yourself and this journey, and get in some quality relaxation and pampering time to boot!

There will be group sessions, yoga, meditation, quiet time to reflect and process, sleep (!), delicious & local healthy food made by a personal chef, more tailored, specific coaching with Vanessa, powerful healing and community. Lodging is included for the first 16 women who register.

This weekend is your time to focus on this effort, distraction free.

Leaving your normal routine and coming to a beautiful location in nature will give you the time and emotional space for longer term thinking and planning. You’ll leave with even greater clarity around what you want, specific action steps, and a clear plan on how to move forward, as well as a network of support and feedback on your personal situation.

What’s included:

  • Delicious meals prepared by a personal chef (she makes healthy food taste AMAZING!! Your body and your taste buds will be on cloud nine. People talk about the food YEARS later…it’s that good.)
  • Lodging for all three nights (guaranteed for the first 16 women who register)
  • Daily yoga
  • All Group Sessions facilitated by Vanessa
  • Healing breathwork
  • CWYL Retreat Workbook with concrete tools and exercises
  • Lots of laughter, love and connection with an incredible group of women!!!

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