Nurture & Propel Virtual Retreat 2021


Join the first ever Virtual Retreat Feb 27th-28th

Who is this for?

Anyone who wants greater clarity, focus, expansion, ease, abundance and joy in 2021.

Anyone who wants to take the space to integrate, reflect and process your personal challenges, and then vision an exciting new reality for 2021.

Anyone who is longing for community and connection with like-minded souls.


In this first-ever Virtual Retreat happening February 27-28th, you’ll get:

  • Healing and reflection exercises from Vanessa to help you integrate and process the past year and any unfinished business.
  • Live guided visualizations with Vanessa to gain clarity on your dreams, goals and priorities for the New Year - no matter where you’re at now, your vision will come into greater focus and alignment.
  • Access to all recordings and materials for as long as you like – so you can rewatch sessions – or even plan your own personal retreat in the future!
  • Q&A’s with Vanessa about visioning, healing, growing your business or career, having a greater impact with your work, finding balance amongst competing demands, and much more.
  • Spotlight coaching with Vanessa around your specific struggles or stuck places, and guidance on how to expand even further.
  • Close knit community and support from like-minded souls in a private online forum (off social media) where you can connect more deeply and meet people who live in your area or have similar interests.

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