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84% of the participants said their level of stress has GONE DOWN.

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A special video that will help you overcome self-doubt and make you feel better fast.

This has helped me to relax, and be kinder to others and myself.

Kathy Silligo Hosey

These daily meditations helped me to feel calmer when dealing with challenges in my life. Thank you so much for putting these free meditations together. They make such a difference and have helped me through a difficult time.

Suze D.

I’m pausing in the moment, instead of rushing through life. I feel more calm and grounded using the parasympathetic breathing technique. And I feel more peace and inner strength using your white light pyramid visualization. LOVE the fireside chat as a companion to each meditation to deepen the impact and the lesson. Thank you Vanessa!



Thanks to your 15 Day Meditation Challenge, I make more time for me to feel happy. My outlook is better and I let go of what I can’t control.

Shelley Seip

These mediations taught me how to calm my mind. I feel calmer and I’m not overthinking as much. The fireside chats were amazing – knowing a reason for what you’re doing makes it much more effective for me!

Terri Tengco

These Guided Meditations + Fireside Chats have given me greater calm and strength to carry on, and a feeling of reassurance and relaxation.

Clara Haddad

After completing this 15 Day Meditation Challenge, I felt calmer, joyous, happier, rejuvenated and inspired.


Join today, and get your ten minute guided meditation + fireside chat every day for 15 days.

All you have to do is sit back, press play and listen along. Get ready to feel good!


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