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And if you still need a few more reasons to start your meditation practice, meditation has been scientifically proven to:

Decrease Anxiety & Stress


Improve Creativity


Increase Your Ability to Focus


Increase Self-control


Improve Memory

Thanks to your Meditation Challenge, I make more time to feel happy. My outlook is better and I let go of what I can’t control.

Shelley Seip

I’m pausing in the moment, instead of rushing through life. I feel more calm and grounded. And I feel more peace and inner strength. Thank you Vanessa!


These daily meditations helped me to feel calmer when dealing with challenges in my life.

Suze D.

Thank you for the challenge. It has set the future course for me. I have created a new habit for wellbeing. After meditating for 5 minutes with your guidance, I have added another 20 minutes each morning. It has completely calmed my mind. I recently resigned from my position at my current company after 24 years of employment to start my own consulting business. This meditation is helping with by anxiety of starting something new, scary, invigorating, and unknown. All of this has come at the best time. Thank you.
Anneli Collins

Today’s meditation has enlightened me in a way that I have longed for probably more than 41 years. As an RN for the last 41 years I have suppressed so much emotion that is considered unacceptable by the mentors and leaders who have preceded me.

I cannot convey adequately in this short note how your generous offer has come at a time when I was grasping at straws to deal with more than even I the super survivor of counties stressor on top of stressor as I slowly but surely had no time for my daily work out my walks to the beach my reading and music and all the things that kept me evenly balanced.

When I say this I want you to know that you have certainly saved my mind and probably my life with you generous desire to heal the world.

Thank you for the first time in many many years I am starting to feel like the me I know and love but lost somewhere along the way of life.


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