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The Secret to Sustainable Success

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Discover the 3 Mistakes That Keep Ambitious Women Overwhelmed and Exhausted – and How You Can Eliminate Them!

Redefine what’s possible.

The Secret to Sustainable Success

Discover the 3 Mistakes That Keep Ambitious Women Overwhelmed and Exhausted – and How You Can Eliminate Them!

Hi, I’m Vanessa

A women’s leadership expert, writer, speaker and energetic sparkplug committed to helping you expand what’s possible for your life and to creating a world that redefines power as we know it.

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Is about helping you get what you most want in life with greater ease and …

(dare I say it)


After working on Wall Street, I got a Stanford MBA and was a successful investor in Silicon Valley.

I climbed to the top of the ladder, only to realize…crap! Wrong ladder.

So I studied with some of the most prominent neuroscientists, mindfulness experts, coaches and healers in the world.

Vanessa has given me tools for accepting increasing duties at work, and for dealing with stress and conflict in my personal life. Vanessa has made a HUGE difference in my ability to perform at work under major stress.
Denali Lumma

Senior Engineering Leader, Uber

Over the last 10 years at Google, myself and my team have attended hundreds of hours of corporate trainings. When I saw what Vanessa did differently, and heard about her other Fortune 500 clients that have had tremendous success, I knew I had to hire her to bring something unique. Vanessa and I worked hand in hand to create a customized 6 week plan for my team, based on their specific needs and personalities. Each week had a theme, actionable follow up, and was full of energy and enthusiasm to start using the tools Vanessa taught immediately. I have never gotten such positive feedback from Googlers before. I will hire Vanessa again hands down.
Katie Rottier

Former Head of Industry/Retail, Google

Vanessa brings an amazing combination of research, data and personal experience to teach this material in a way that makes it both simple to understand and a joy to attempt.
Katherine Harbin Clammer

Founder, Source Capital, LLC

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Whether you’re looking for a dynamic keynote speaker for a professional conference, leadership program, or women’s leadership event, or you’d like a custom workshop or webinar, I’ve got you covered! All of my keynote speaking and career programs combine engaging, compelling storytelling with the latest cutting-edge research as well as practical tools and tips you can apply right away to create lasting change. Learn more below:

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A New Era in Women’s Leadership

It’s time to change how we live and work. Here are some ways to get started:


Tedx Talk: How To Lean In Without Burning Out

Renowned keynote speaker and women’s leadership expert Vanessa Loder shares her story of being a self described over-achiever whose endless quest for perfectionism and unfulfilling experience of continual career climbing left her burned out, exhausted and eager to find another way. Watch Vanessa’s Tedx which has over 100,000 views now.

Why American Mothers Have Less Leisure Time And Find Ourselves Overwhelmed And Exhausted

Did you know that Danish mothers have, on average, one and a half hours of leisure time every day that is spent in “pure” or child-free time to themselves? American mothers, in contrast, have about thirty-six minutes a day to themselves.

Fast Company: The Secret Society Of Parents From Tech’s Biggest Companies

A year ago, working moms in tech gathered in secret to talk about how to change things for working parents. Now they are taking their mission public. Vanessa Loder says that executive women who have kids tell her: “I just want a meaty and meaningful role that’s part-time or flexible. Why is that so hard to find?”

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