9 Steps to create work you love

Life is short. Work needs to feel worth it.

If you feel that you’re not on the path you want to be on with your career or life, you’re not alone.

Maybe you’ve hit a plateau in your career or the trade offs just aren’t worth it anymore.

You’re at a point where you’re not entirely sure what that next step is or how to figure this all out.

This type of career transition is about much more than your career. It’s about your LIFE, and integrating your career with your life.

It’s about finding meaning, purpose and creativity in a way you haven’t yet discovered.

And… it’s about your soul’s desires, not just climbing up another rung of somebody else’s ladder.

I’ve spent literally over 10,000 hours and close to ten years of personal experience and professional development learning about the neuroscience behind behavior change, working with career coaches, behavioral psychologists, mindfulness experts, and studying with some of the most prominent coaches, healers and thought leaders in the world.

I had to piecemeal all of this together, and it wasn’t easy.

I often felt alone or like I was crazy or being too picky and demanding – maybe I should just settle for a typical 9-5 desk job like everyone else.

But I just couldn’t. My soul wouldn’t let me.

In the end, I came up with an incredibly powerful process to create work you love.

So here it is – over a decade of research in a < 10 min video… Watch the 9 Steps to Creating Work You Love video above.

Want more? Learn more about Vanessa’s upcoming Create Work You Love Program HERE


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