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Decide Now™ Live Your Most Satisfying and Successful Life 5 Secrets to Unlocking Peak Energy and Mindset

When it comes to leading a fulfilling, successful life, mindset is key; by transforming your focus, and harnessing peak energy states, individuals, teams and organizations can enhance their impact and expand their joy. In this keynote, participants will:

  • Learn research-backed tools to improve focus and increase productivity.
  • Stop complaining and start taking responsibility for your results.

  • Optimize performance by harnessing the natural power of the brain.

  • Understand the keys to managing energy, not time.

  • Cultivate a more calm, restful mindset rather than anxiety fueled go-go-go. 

  • Create a culture of support and appreciation with your colleagues. 

  • Feel inspired to put these tools into practice right away to create positive change.

How to Lean In Without Burning Out The Secret to Creating Sustainable Success Workers today feel a lot of pressure to succeed in all aspects of their lives. This pursuit of “having it all” coupled with advances in technology with 24/7 connectivity, cause many high potential leaders to feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and burned out. This Session will allow participants to: • Cultivate a more calm, restful mindset rather than go-go-go. • Understand the neuroscience behind positive behavior change and connect with heart-centered tactics to improve performance. • Feel a sense of satisfaction with their accomplishments. • Better prioritize the competing demands of work, home, and family. • Align with their values. • Harness challenges to their advantage with self-compassion. • Experience more joy and ease. • Feel inspired to put these tools into practice right away in their personal and professional lives.

The Art and Science of Visioning 3 Keys to Uplevel Your Career and Life With constant demands on their time and resources, many ambitious leaders find themselves reacting to life’s demands rather than intentionally creating a path forward. In this session, Vanessa will walk participants through a proven process for identifying their core values, setting aligned goals, visualizing their future and taking action to make that vision a reality. Participants will: • Gain clarity on their core values and find ways to more effectively live and lead in alignment with these values. • Create a compelling vision both individually and collectively as a group. • Focus on what really matters to them and create their intentions and goals proactively, rather than being reactive and resentful. • Harness the power of the subconscious mind and research-backed tools to achieve their goals with less struggle and greater ease. • Effectively integrate work and life to create greater wellbeing and success.

Technology and the Rat Race: Why Mindfulness Matters Despite significant gains in productivity, a recent Time magazine article states that people are currently working harder than ever before. With current technology and the ability to constantly be “plugged in,” many people are experiencing even greater stress and anxiety as they struggle to succeed in a world that never shuts off. Through her poignant stories and by sharing cutting edge research, Loder presents a powerful argument for why we should be investing in mindfulness. She gives practical tools and outlines a clear path for succeeding in this fast paced world while maintaining inner calm and balance.

Five Year Vision: The Art & Science Behind Getting What You Want Everyone has goals and dreams, yet many people experience a deep sense of frustration or impatience when it comes to fulfilling their goals. This session teaches the audience how to get clear and get going. Most Olympic athletes harness the power of visualization and yet many corporate athletes are completely unaware of this incredible tool. In this interactive session, Vanessa leverages her business background to introduce the Five Year Vision, a custom tool that Loder designed specifically for those in the business world. Few (if any) speakers are able to lay out the neuroscience, hypnosis, psychology, and reality of visioning like Vanessa Loder. As a Stanford Graduate School of Business alum who is also trained in neuro-linguistic programming and hypnosis, Vanessa knows all too well about the devastating effects of ignoring our subconscious dreams. She also knows exactly how to bring those visions to the forefront of both our conscious and subconscious mind in order to create health, happiness, and lasting success. Loder combines irrefutable science with unforgettable stories in a whirlwind tour that leaves her audience entertained, educated and yes – with their own Five Year Vision!

Cultivating A Mindful Voice: Turning Your Inner Critic Into Your Inner Coach We all have an internal dialogue and near constant chatter that goes on inside our minds. For many of us, this voice inside our heads is critical and demanding, leaving us feeling depleted and as though we’re never good enough. However, research shows this critical voice can be tamed and there’s a deep wisdom within each of us that can be accessed when we’re mindful. This session will focus on using mindfulness as a tool for noticing the inner judge and then consciously shifting its dialogue to be more compassionate and supportive. While many of us have a belief that we “need” this inner critical voice to push us to be successful, research shows the opposite is true. Cultivating a strong inner coach actually strengthens willpower and allows us to take greater risks in pursuit of our goals. Attendees will walk away from this session with a better understanding of the origins of their inner critic, and a deeper connection with their inner coach, as well as tools to shift from critic to coach on demand. Not to mention a confidence boost!

How To Say No Without Feeling Guilty Most people today feel there is too much to do, and not enough time. As women advance in their careers, the demands placed on them increase. It becomes even more vital to learn how to prioritize, focus, delegate and say “no” to non-priority requests. In this session, Vanessa teaches a seven step process to mindfully say no and set boundaries with greater ease. Learning these skills will free up additional time and energy for women leaders to focus on what’s most important and pursue what really matters, as defined by them. By applying this formula, attendees will find greater focus and resolve and learn how to honor their authentic values without feeling guilty.

Why Phi Beta Kappa Isn’t Enough (For college audiences) In this heartfelt, practical talk, Vanessa Loder shares her own personal journey of graduating at the top of her class from an Ivy League school, working on Wall Street and becoming a very successful private equity investor before realizing she was chasing the wrong dream. Many paths diverge in the woods upon graduating from college, and Vanessa provides an incredibly fresh and unique perspective on how to evaluate these choices as one enters the “real” world to ensure not only financial success, but true happiness as well. Money, love and work do not have to be mutually exclusive and Vanessa shares her secret for creating success with ease…and it isn’t what you would think!

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