30 Daily Meditations + Deep Sleep Set (Limited Special)

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Get the complete set of 30 daily five minute meditation audios. With this full library of 30 different five minute meditations, you'll have plenty of variety to choose from and can meditate on your own schedule.

– Download all 30 Daily Meditations to listen anytime, anywhere on multiple devices including your smart phone, tablet or home computer. Each meditation is approximately five (5) minutes long.

– No Wifi? No problem. This simple download makes it easy to meditate anywhere, anytime! With this purchase and download, you can listen without an internet connection.

– This complete package includes four (4) Special Bonuses:

  • BONUS Deeper Sleep meditation ($29.97 value) *Our most popular audio ever created! (25 min)
  • BONUS Meditation to Change Your Brain ($9.97 value)
  • BONUS Extended Loving Kindness ($9.97 value)
  • BONUS Speak With Confidence ($14.97 value)



Give your daily mindfulness practice a boost with these 30 Daily Meditations. You’ll learn how to feel more calm, tap into greater joy, get focused, release anxiety, de-stress and de-clutter your mind.

This complete set of Guided Meditations includes:

1. Let Go of Worry, Anxiety, and Over-Thinking
2. Cultivate Gratitude
3. Get Calm With This Breathing Technique
4. Loving Kindness
5. Feel Protected
6. Stay Calm Amidst the Storm
7. Five Minutes of Self-Compassion
8. Release Difficult Emotions
9. Box Breathing
10. The Power of Forgiveness
11. Giving to Me, and to You
12. Let Go of Other People’s Negative Energy
13. You Are Enough
14. Future Self
15. Feel More Happiness
16. Focus on the Good
17. Gain Confidence
18. Antidote to Stress
19. Access Your Wise Compassionate Friend
20. Feel Greater Balance and Peace
21. Improve Your Focus
22. Get Grounded
23. Stop Mind Chatter
24. Give to your Inner Child
25. Create Space for Grief
26. Deepen What You Love
27. Become More Playful
28. Accepting What Is
29. Be Fully Present
30. Surrender to a Higher Power

Plus you’ll get four (4) bonus meditations valued at $65 for FREE, including my most popular audio ever created – the Deep Sleep Meditation!

BONUS – Deeper Sleep Meditation (20 mins) ($29.97 value)
BONUS – Meditation to Change Your Brain (7 minutes) ($9.97 value)
BONUS – Extended Loving Kindness (12 minutes) ($9.97 value)
BONUS – Speak With Confidence (13 minutes) ($14.97 value)


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