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Get a short (5-7 minute) daily video with concrete tools and strategies you can use right away to start living the life your soul intended.

What does “Soul Awakening” really mean?

It means living a life aligned with your deepest self.

I’ve been through it myself. After working on Wall Street  and getting my MBA from Stanford, I was “successful” but I wasn’t fulfilled. It felt like some deeper meaning was missing from my life.

I climbed to the top of the corporate ladder only to realize – wrong ladder! 

How can you find out what you really want to do with your life?

This led to a lot of soul searching. (I basically got a PhD in Soul Searching)

I studied mindfulness, neuroscience, optimal performance and behavioral psychology, not to mention some really “woo-woo” stuff like energy healing and past life hypnosis…and discovered some of it really worked!

I ended up completely changing my perspective about what’s worth pursuing in life.

I began experiencing much more peacefulness and joy as I incorporated the tools I’d learned into my daily life. Now, I believe it’s possible to create a life that feeds you rather than depletes you.

And, I want YOU to have this same experience of discovering how awesome life can be!

So if you’re interested in getting clarity on what you really want and how you can move towards making your life better…you’re in the right place!

This 10 Day Soul Awakening Bootcamp will help you make space for inspiration and reflection.

It’s Soul Searching in a Structured Way…every day!

In this 10 Day Bootcamp you’ll get:

  • Tips and tricks on how to continually move towards making your life better
  • Resources that are quick and to the point
  • Daily practices, including meditations and deep dives into challenges that are blocking you
  • Strategies on how to create your ‘most desired’ self
  • Inspiration. Words of wisdom, and some direction
  • A Clearer vision of what you want and how to thrive in your own unique way
  • Tools for tapping into joy and accepting life’s inevitable difficulties without getting mired in unproductive and unhealthy stress
  • Guidance on how to figure out and focus on the most important things
  • Simple strategies to stay focused and avoid overwhelm or stress
  • New ways to clarify your objectives and start moving towards achieving them


I feel stronger, more optimistic, and more confident that I’m on the right path. Thank you Vanessa for the practical tools and approaches, and the magic.
Maura Allen

Vanessa helped me achieve clarity about my professional goals and desires. After the program, I feel that my personal and professional goals are in alignment, and am approaching new opportunities with eagerness instead of confusion!
Jeanne Tilley

Vanessa’s own journey of leaving a successful career in finance to follow her inner knowing and develop these kinds of workshops is a beacon for others looking to make a big, scary career pivot at any phase of life.

Vanessa makes content easy to digest, relatable, actionable and useful (and if you know Vanessa, you’ll also know she makes it fun too!). It was also wonderful to be part of a community and feel connected with and supported by other like-minded women.
Carolina Lasso

The tools Vanessa has are very practical and accessible and the content is really varied and useful.
Suzanne Miller

Vanessa provided me with powerful tools, resources, and deep connections with other women. Vanessa’s optimism, confidence, and authenticity is contagious — her leadership energized me to take risks and to move forward with my own professional dream. Thank you, Vanessa!
Liz Drogin

Vanessa’s helped me gain significant clarity on my goals and steps to achieve them. The tools Vanessa teaches are unlike any I’ve learned elsewhere, and the experience is fun and challenging. Vanessa teaches with heart, intelligence, and empathy.
Ally Letteri

Vanessa showed me I can actually build my career around my life, rather than my life around my career! I can not recommend Vanessa enough to anybody that is looking to get more out of their career, change directions, or simply get more out of life. Thank you Vanessa!
Emily Thawley

Vanessa provided a space outside of my daily routine to allow me to think about next steps and what is important to me. I found the tools and exercises to be very helpful
Suzanne Davenport

Vanessa is an amazing resource, guide, and support herself. You can tell she truly cares about her clients and helping them navigate this often frustrating process of discovering and doing what you love. I look forward to working more with Vanessa in the future!
Ana Sanson

Vanessa helped me by providing material and exercises that opened my mind which allowed me to look at things differently. The result was enlightening!
Amy Caron

Vanessa puts her heart and soul into helping clients along their unique journeys. She gives you tons of resources and the tools to learn to trust your own intuition and trust the process. I would highly recommend working with Vanessa if you are feeling lost and are ready to take the next step in creating the life you truly want.
Laura Schummers

Free 10 Day Soul Awakening Bootcamp

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