Join a soulful group of like-minded women who will help you stay on track, remind you of your priorities, and encourage you to achieve more soul-centric success.

Do you fear you won’t find your way back to purpose and joy in your work and life overall and that you’ll look back and regret how you spent your time? You’re not alone. And it doesn’t have to be this way.

Get support to build and sustain the life you long to live.


Each Soul Circle is a year-long program that’s limited to ten women who are ready to stop hustling, pleasing and striving and start living. (awww yeah!!)

Your Soul Circle will provide you with support, accountability and connection as you learn to live in a more intentional way and find your way back to yourself.

You’ll have two calls each month consisting of the following:

  • A Soul Circle call with the 10 women in your circle and Vanessa
  • Live 90 Minute Video Class taught by Vanessa

Additional Resources:

  • 1:1 Coaching Support and direct access to Vanessa via the Marco Polo platform. This allows you to submit your questions and receive personal video responses
  • Optional Buddy Call
  • Resource Vault with videos, audios, guided meditations and downloadable PDFs

Soul Circle sessions will take place on Tuesdays from 12:00pm – 1:30pm PST. All circle calls will be recorded, so you can watch the recording if you need to miss a session.

This year-long program is for you if:

  • Somewhere in your success, you’ve lost your joy and purpose
  • You find your days filled with meeting others expectations
  • You’re becoming increasingly resentful both at work and at home
  • You’re at the point where you know if you don’t make some big changes, your body or the universe are going to force you to make changes
  • You worry that you’re wasting so much time not doing what you feel you came to do, mainly because you don’t exactly know (or trust) what that is. So many interests, not enough time, possibly wrong ladders in the way
  • You want clarity and confidence
  • You’ve taken steps in this new direction but would greatly benefit from group support and accountability
  • You’re finding it hard to make or sustain the changes you want within the context of your work or life overall
  • You don’t want to get burned out with work… and you’re close
  • You’re in the midst of a job transition and are not sure what you want your next step to be
  • You have a new dream you want to follow and want support getting there
  • You want both – to provide support, guidance, love, and care for your children and experience a sense of fulfillment in your professional life
  • You want to learn to live with more ease, joy and community in deeper connection with your soul

In a nutshell, you’ll get guidance, a tribe of like-minded women, coaching from Vanessa, suggested resources, a listening board, accountability, and deep connection and friendships with women whose lifestyle aligns with your values.

More Detail on the Benefits:

  • More joy and less anxiety (seriously, this is possible)
  • Connect with a soulful group of like-minded women
  • Accountability to the tools Vanessa shares in her book
  • Live with less fear
  • Embrace yourself on a deeper level
  • Really love and be the fullest expression of yourself
  • Stay grounded and not get caught up in old habits or societal expectations
  • Care for your well-being
  • Feel more alive and purposeful
  • Have a network and circle of trusted sisters and women you can be yourself around
  • Get exclusive teaching, support, and energetic activations from Vanessa
  • Rediscover your happiness in work and life
  • Gain clarity on your purpose and unique gifts
  • Learn to trust yourself more fully, no matter the context you’re in
  • Become comfortable in uncertainty and learn tools to navigate fear
  • Unearth your desires and expand your vision
  • Give yourself permission to rest, restore and prioritize pleasure
  • Receive group support to inspire and challenge you in positive ways to work and live your life with joy
  • Feel that it’s ok (and encouraged!) to tap back into, explore, and live by your natural curiosities
  • Find and maintain a path to pursue your joy and purpose amidst the daily demands of ‘life’ (providing for family and balancing responsibilities)
  • Discover how to be intentional in your work, make maximum contributions and be able to turn off work and relax

The tentative themes are as follows:

Jan – Intentional Living
Feb – Rest, Renewal, Prioritizing Pleasure and Self-Love
March – Your Big Vision (and how to maintain it amidst daily demands)
April – Navigating Fear & Resentment
May – More Joy, Less Anxiety
June – Cultivating Better Relationships
July – The Success Myth and Cyclical Living
August – Deepen Into Your Unique Genius
September – Trusting Yourself to Be the Fullest Expression of You
October – Reclaiming Your Purpose, More Energetic Breadcrumbs
November – Boundaries and Energy Clearing
December – Integration and Next Steps

Once you register, we’ll send details for how to join our first group call.

Apply to join a Soul Circle HERE


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