New Year Virtual Retreat:

Nurture & Propel

2020 has been an unprecedented year. As we prepare for 2021, many of us are eager to turn the page and vision a new reality in the coming year. 

We’re in a place of transition; still grieving, perhaps frustrated and depleted, processing all that has happened and yet also filled with hope, newfound desires and determination.  

When growing grapes, wine makers have found that difficult conditions often lead to extraordinary wines. The challenging conditions cause the roots to stretch agonizingly deep and even grow through rock to reach water and find the resources they need.

We are not unlike these grapes. Many of you have been challenged in ways you didn’t think was possible two years ago. 

And yet, here you are. You survived. 

Not only that, you are currently poised for tremendous growth, new opportunity and extraordinary results.

If you are longing to get focused and clear on your vision for 2021 and enhance your impact, join me for a New Year Virtual Retreat: Nurture & Propel.

We’ll be propelling ourselves forward into the future with inspiration, expansion and ease.  And, we’ll also spend time nurturing the exhausted places, the hurt places, the stuck places, the places in need of rest, renewal and integration. This is an important step before launching into the next. 

Because we all need both nurturing and propelling to truly succeed. Let’s do this, together.

Join me as we nurture and propel ourselves into 2021 together. 

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My Story

After spending a decade chasing other people’s dreams and climbing the corporate ladder, I took a huge risk and quit my job to follow my heart and my intuition, without even knowing what that really meant. That commitment led me to places I never would’ve imagined, some exhilarating, others daunting. Through it all, I’ve discovered the value of learning how to listen to and trust the quiet voice inside. How to honor my truth, even if it’s not what I expect or it might disappoint others. Living a life aligned with my soul has become my greatest challenge and my greatest gift.

After studying mindfulness and contemplative practices, ancient wisdom, the neuroscience behind behavior change and so much more, I’ve realized there are many doors to awakening and creating the life you desire. All you need to do is make a commitment and open a door. This Virtual Retreat is a door. 

Of all the tools, evidence-based strategies and practices I’ve learned, the single most life enhancing one is the power to change your thoughts and focus on feeling good in order to get more of what you want in life. I’ve found this is easier done with guidance (often through a guided visualization), and in group format. Thus, we will be spending a fair amount of time visioning and feeling good as you imagine what you want to call into your life next. The visioning process can accelerate your ability to get what you want in life without all the struggle or effort. It’s magic. 

We’ll also spend time helping you determine which new behaviors, habits and qualities of beingness you most want to cultivate in the coming year.

So, let’s make some magic together!  Join me February 27th-28th.

Structure & Logistics

We’ll be meeting each day over Zoom from 9am – 11am PST for guided exercises, visualizations and integrative practices. 

You’ll have a chance to connect and share with each other and receive laser coaching from Vanessa. Please bring a journal and pen, and an open mind and heart.

After a renewing break during which you will have the option to continue deepening into some of the exercises and tools on your own, we will reconvene from 1 – 2pm PST for Coaching and Q&A with Vanessa. 

This will be your time to integrate and process what we’ve just done, ask any questions you may have on your own journey, and receive support when you feel stuck or confused. 

We’ll talk about how to create the life of your dreams, what can get in the way and how to overcome these obstacles. You’ll leave these sessions feeling energized and confident in your newfound resources and insights.

In this first ever Virtual Retreat, you’ll get:

Healing and reflection exercises from Vanessa to help you integrate and process the past year and any unfinished business.

Live guided visualizations with Vanessa to gain clarity on your dreams, goals and priorities for the New Year – no matter where you’re at now, your vision will come into greater focus and alignment.

Access to all recordings and materials for as long as you like – so you can rewatch sessions – or even plan your own personal retreat in the future!

Q&A’s with Vanessa about visioning, healing, growing your business or career, having a greater impact with your work, finding balance amongst competing demands, and much more.

Spotlight coaching with Vanessa around your specific struggles or stuck places, and guidance on how to expand even further.

Close knit community and support from like-minded souls in a private online forum (off social media) where you can connect more deeply and meet people who live in your area or have similar interests.

Email for more info.



What are the dates and call times for this retreat?

The retreat will run from February 27 – 28, 2021.
On Saturday, February 27th, we’ll meet from 9am – 11am PST for our retreat session and then from 1 – 2 pm PST for our Q&A / Coaching Session
On Sunday, February 28th, we’ll meet from 9am – 11am PST for our retreat session, and then 1 – 2:30 pm PST for our Q&A / Coaching Session and closing ceremony.
To see how these times convert to your time zone, check here.

What’s the time commitment for this?

It’s entirely up to you! You can join whichever parts work for you. We have a two hour working session each day, followed by lunch and integration time and then a one hour Q&A and Coaching session. Beyond that, you can spend additional time during the retreat days, using the tools and practices from the sessions and going deeper — that’s up to you!
Essentially, we will have 3 hours total on Saturday and 3.5 hours on Sunday in active time together, with additional time for you to integrate and work through the practices on your own between these live sessions.

What if I can’t join the live sessions?

All of the sessions will be recorded and posted within 48 hours, so you can participate on your own timing, or re-watch the sessions as much as you’d like afterwards. You’ll have access to these recordings for a full year (plus the option to download all materials as yours to keep forever) so you can also re-create the retreat experience for yourself anytime you want extra support. If you watch the recordings rather than join live, you can also participate in our interactive online forum as another way to connect with other retreat participants.

I’m outside of North America. How does the course work for different time zones?

So glad you asked! We have always had a very global community with women from all over the world joining our online programs. On average, 22% of our program participants live outside the U.S., and span over 14 countries.

If the live call times don’t work for you, you can access the recordings anytime, join the online forum to connect more deeply with this special community, and do the retreat on your own timeline.

What’s the structure for each day?

Each day will include guided visualizations, research-backed tools and practices to support you in clarifying your intentions, desired feelings and vision for the coming year as well as healing and nurturing any aspects of self that are in need of support. There will also be time spent receiving feedback and coaching from Vanessa as well as time for community and deeper connection.

We’ll begin each day with a guided meditation, followed by a teaching from Vanessa. You will then have a chance to embody or experience the most powerful tools and practices I use in my own life, and share what that was like with the group as we all learn and grow together in a supportive community.

In our working sessions, there will also be optional opportunities for small group discussion, breakouts and deeper sharing.

After a break to rest, renew and integrate what you’ve learned, Vanessa will host a Q&A and Coaching session where you can bring your questions, challenges and stuck places to receive guidance, feedback, encouragement and support.

What’s the investment?

The investment for this one of a kind virtual retreat is $379 USD, and includes year-long access to the recordings and online forum, and lifetime access to the retreat materials.

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes, we offer scholarships. Priority for scholarships goes to women who center underserved, underrepresented and under resourced communities in their work. If that’s you and you would like to apply for a scholarship, please contact for an application. Scholarship applications close on Friday, February 12th.

How long do I have access to the retreat materials?

You’ll be able to download all session recordings and materials for permanent access.

What is your refund policy?

We offer a full refund up to 24 hours before the start of the retreat.

What’s the difference between this and Vanessa’s Create Work You Love program?

In this retreat, our focus will be on gaining clarity on your intentions, visions and desired feelings for 2021 while also spending time nurturing the stuck places, the hurt places and the places in need of rest and renewal. Participants will learn how to honor their natural rhythms and cycles and balance the energy of nurturing and propelling themselves forward in their lives. In the Create Work You Love program, our focus is on learning tools and practices to create the work you love, so it’s more career-centric.

How do you approach diversity and inclusion in your programs? And how do you do anti-racist work through this program?

Ensuring diversity and inclusion is important to us and we have a ways to go. Here are some of the ways we’ve done that:

– We make it a priority to gather feedback on the course experiences of women of color, to ensure that programs are inclusive, impactful and applicable to a diverse group.
– Our team has had training calls in diversity and inclusion and anti-racist work, and we are currently looking for a consultant to deepen this work (email if you have recommendations).
– Continued work with our diversity and inclusion consultants, several of whom are course alum, to enhance our curriculum and community practices.
– We are updating our curriculum to better incorporate and address the experiences of women of color based on participant feedback
– Adding in new bonus materials to our programs that bring in more voices of women of color.
– We offer a 15% discount on all programs to women of color. Simply enter code WAGEGAP. While socio-economic diversity and racial diversity are not the same and we know there are plenty of women of color with financial means, we feel it’s important to honor and recognize the wage gap that women of color face in our current society and do our part to rebalance these inequities. White non-hispanic women are typically paid 79 cents for every dollar paid to white, non-hispanic men. Black women are typically paid just 63 cents for every dollar paid to white, non-hispanic men. Native American women are typically paid just 60 cents for every dollar paid to white, non-Hispanic men. And Latinas are typically paid just 55 cents for every dollar paid to white, non-Hispanic men.

However, we also know there is a lot more that we can do – and we are committed to continuing to grow in this area. We’re open to your suggestions and feedback. 

Will I get to work with Vanessa one-on-one?

The virtual retreat takes place in a group format, during which each individual member will have the opportunity to share challenges, key insights, ask questions and receive individual coaching and feedback from Vanessa.

If you’re not able to attend a Q&A session, you can always submit questions ahead of time and then listen to the recording.

What will the community aspect of this program be like?

Participants of our programs rave about the high caliber of our community. You will be connecting with an incredible community of like-minded souls from around the world. During our live Zoom sessions, small group breakouts and through our private online forum, you will deepen and enhance your reflections and learnings with other participants. Through our online forum, you can find other members with similar interests or careers, or who are in your local area.

Still have questions? Send us a message at and we would love to connect with you.


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