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“The Soul Solution is the answer for women who want to have it all but are tired of how society has defined what ‘all’ really is. This book gives women permission to trust themselves, access their inner authority, and expand their lives beyond what they thought possible.”

-Shefali Tsabary, PhD,
bestselling author of A Radical Awakening

“In this thought-provoking, witty, wise, and warm book, Vanessa invites readers to resist the pressure to do it all and start redefining success on their terms. This is a must read for any woman looking to have a more fulfilling, creative, and joyful life.”

-Gay Hendricks, PhD & Kathlyn Hendricks, PhD, bestselling authors and transformational leaders

“The Soul Solution has a satisfying mix of psychology, spirituality, and practices. It offers invaluable tools for women who want to wake up to their true nature and find a stable source of happiness within. Highly recommended.”

-Kristin Neff, PhD,
bestselling author of Self-Compassion

“Vanessa is to women and power what Brené Brown is to vulnerability.”

-Andy Dunn,
author of Burn Rate, cofounder of Bonobos

“As someone who teaches and writes extensively about the soul and past lives, I can say from direct experience that Vanessa’s wisdom and playful ability to help others find ways to connect with their soul will have a lasting impact.”

-Ainslie MacLeod, past-life psychic, bestselling author of The Instruction, and spiritual teacher

“The Soul Solution is like a PhD in mindfulness aimed at helping women of all levels to find their unique purpose. This is a book I will pick up again and again to use as a guide for my own growth and development.”

-Anne Robie, former Head of People at StubHub

“Vanessa Loder’s book is an honest and enjoyable read about an issue that affects millions of women: exhaustion. If you are overwhelmed and frustrated, this book will make you feel seen and offer some practical, simple steps for saying goodbye to hustle culture.”

-Celeste Headlee, author of Do Nothing

“Vanessa’s ability to share her background and experience from a place of vulnerability resonated strongly with our group. I continue to be inspired by her teachings and the exercises she guides us through.”

– Jill Dailey, CEO and Founder at The Dailey Method

“The Soul Solution is the perfect book for all of us feeling weary, time-starved, struggling and stuck in busyness constantly to prove ourselves. Vanessa Loder packs this book with research, evidence, stories and useful “soul tips” that can help us all see beyond the myths we’ve bought into and begin to slow down, listen to and follow our intuition, find our own path and connect to joy. It’s such a lovely, helpful and timely book!”

-Brigid Schulte, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Overwhelmed, Work, Love and Play when No One has the Time

“Vanessa has written an inspiring and courageous book for any woman who feels conflicted when what she thinks she ‘should’ want is not what her heart compels her to pursue. Reading this book is like having Vanessa constantly at your side—as a cheerleader, a fellow traveler, and a coach/thought partner. If you are a high-achieving professional woman who yearns for a more meaningful and fulfilling life regardless of the success you have achieved, The Soul Solution is for you.”

-Carole Robin, PhD, coauthor of Connect, former director of the Arbuckle Leadership Fellows program at the Stanford Graduate School of Business

About the Author

Vanessa Loder is an inspirational keynote speaker and sought-after expert on women’s leadership, mindfulness, stress management, and sustainable success. She’s been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Glamour, Scary Mommy, Elephant Journal and The Huffington Post. Vanessa’s Guided Meditations have been streamed over 1 Million times. She received her MBA from Stanford University, is a certified Executive Coach, and is trained in neurolinguistic programming, past-life regression hypnosis, and vipassana meditation. She lives in Lafayette, CA with her husband and two kids, who remind her to take “mommy time-outs” when she’s about to lose her marbles. Learn more at

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