15 Daily Meditations + 15 Fireside Chats


Get the complete set of 15 daily ten-minute meditation audios, along with 15 daily fireside chats. With this full library of 15 different guided meditations, and companion audios discussing that day’s topic, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from and can listen on your own schedule.

– Download all 15 Daily Meditations to listen anytime, anywhere on multiple devices including your smartphone, tablet or home computer. Each meditation is approximately ten (10) minutes long.

– Download all 15 Fireside Chats to listen anytime, anywhere on multiple devices including your smartphone, tablet or home computer. Each lecture is approximately ten to twenty (10-20) minutes long.

– No Wifi? No problem. This simple download makes it easy to meditate anywhere, anytime! With this purchase and download, you can listen without an internet connection.

– This complete package includes three (3) Special Bonuses:

  • BONUS Yoga Nidra Sleep meditation ($29.97 value)
  • BONUS Extended Forgiveness Meditation ($9.97 value)
  • BONUS Fireside Chat Fireside Chat + Two Guided Meditations on Brand New Topic ($29.97 value)



Learn to improve focus, overcome self-doubt, increase happiness, lower stress and experience greater peace with these 15 Daily Meditations + Fireside Chats.

Topics Include:
1. Free Yourself From Self-Doubt
2. Cultivate Joy
3. Let Go of Fear
4. Stop the Worry Cycle
5. Feel Deeply Grateful
6. Improve Focus
7. 10 Minutes of Self-Compassion
8. Increase Energy
9. Use Your Breath to Relax
10. Visualization to Manifest Your Ideal Life
11. Surrender, Allow, Trust (S.A.T.)
12. Increase Confidence and Live Your Truth
13. Feel More Love
14. Rewrite Your Story
15. Rewire your Brain for Positivity

Plus you’ll get three (3) bonus meditations valued at $70 for FREE, including our brand new Yoga Nidra for Sleep Meditation!

  • BONUS – Yoga Nidra Sleep meditation ($29.97 value)
  • BONUS – BONUS Extended Forgiveness Meditation ($9.97 value)
  • BONUS – BONUS Fireside Chat + Two Guided Meditations on Brand New Topic ($29.97 value)
  • Ceil Reilly says:

    I have definitely felt calmer since doing the 15 day meditation challenge. Thank you!!

  • Monica C. says:

    I particularly appreciated rewrite your story, it made me cry. And the SAT practice. Having still much trauma to deal with, those two were particularly powerful for me. And the exercise on envisioning your life was very helpful and interesting. It made me realize that there’s nothing wrong with dreaming, I should do it more!

    Every meditation I managed to do was meaningful. I loved Vanessa’s fireside chats, those were the easiest to follow because I could listen to them while doing other things or having tea in the morning, such a lovely and generous addition to the meditations.

  • Michelle Waney says:

    Immediately I felt calm and peaceful. I felt more present and focused. My day seemed to flow and I felt grateful instead of worried. I was in a bad place and these meditations helped me get into a good place. Thank You!

  • Reny says:

    After completing this 15 Day Meditation Challenge, I felt calmer, joyous, happier, rejuvenated and inspired.

  • Casey Lehner says:

    Your daily meditations and fireside chats gave me reassurance in my sense of knowingness. I’m not getting caught in the “what if’s” as much anymore.

  • Clara Haddad says:

    These Guided Meditations + Fireside Chats have given me greater calm and strength to carry on, and a feeling of reassurance and relaxation.

  • Terri Tengco says:

    These mediations taught me how to calm my mind. I feel calmer and I’m not overthinking as much. The fireside chats were amazing – knowing a reason for what you’re doing makes it much more effective for me!

  • Jill Potts says:

    I have more confidence in my inner voice as the fireside chats provide research supporting how I feel and what I “know.” I am grateful for your guidance. You are up leveling my life. Thank you!

  • Jde Are says:

    This Meditation Challenge gave me more structure. My level of stress has GONE DOWN significantly as a result of this 15 Day Meditation Challenge.

  • Shelley Seip says:

    Thanks to your 15 Day Meditation Challenge, I make more time for me to feel happy. My outlook is better and I let go of what I can’t control.

  • Ali says:

    I’m pausing in the moment, instead of rushing through life. I feel more calm and grounded using the parasympathetic breathing technique. And I feel more peace and inner strength using your white light pyramid visualization. LOVE the fireside chat as a companion to each meditation to deepen the impact and the lesson. Thank you Vanessa!

  • Skye Thietten says:

    I feel more calm & secure in knowing that my next move is out there, and it’s ok to allow it to happen.

  • Laurie Davis says:

    Your 15 Day Meditation Challenge helped me get a new teaching job, and gave me more confidence in asking for what I need or want. It also helped me change negative thoughts and expel limiting beliefs that held me back in the past. Lots more too! And more to come…Thank you!!

  • Suze D. says:

    These daily meditations helped me to feel calmer when dealing with challenges in my life. Thank you so much for putting these free meditations together. They make such a difference and have helped me through a difficult time.

  • Kathy Silligo Hosey says:

    This has helped me to relax, and be kinder to others and myself.

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