A lot of people who are curious about past lives ask me about my work doing hypnosis and past life regression, so I thought it was high time I wrote about it!

The cool thing about past life regression (which is when you hypnotize someone and guide them back to a past life memory), is that the process is healing whether you actually believe in past lives or not. It’s like gravity in that no matter the explanation you choose, it still works.

For example, I had a client who was pregnant with a boy. She was happy to be pregnant but was having a hard time getting excited about the fact that she was having a son.

We did a hypnosis session where I guided her through a regression and she went to a place where she had a little boy who she loved very much, and who witnessed her tragic death. It was a very emotional memory, she cried during our session and when I brought her out of the hypnosis she said “Well, that sure was weird! I didn’t expect to have such strong feelings, it all seemed so REAL!”

She emailed me within a week of doing the regression to say she felt completely different about having a boy and was finally able to connect to the joy and excitement of it – including purchasing baby boy bedding for the nursery.

The neat thing about this story, and what I’ve discovered with my clients again and again, is that she didn’t need to believe that the memory she had while hypnotized was actually a past life in order for her mindset about having a boy to shift.

You can believe whatever you want about the pictures that your mind sees while you’re hypnotized. Some people believe we’re tapping into the collective unconscious and accessing memories of events that actually DID happen, but to OTHER people.

Some people believe the healing is psychosomatic because of the mind/body connection. And still others believe we really do have past lives and these are the deepest memories of our soul’s journey.

Regardless of what you believe, you can experience tremendous results and miraculous healing with this work! I’ve had those experiences myself, which is why I felt called to become certified as a past life regression hypnotherapist.

Are you curious about your own past lives? Does healing at a Soul Level appeal to you? Email info@vanessaloder.com to learn more about booking a session.

Vanessa Loder


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