Soul Circle Retreat




“I’ve been connecting with Margarita, our wonderful personal chef, on the menu and the food is going to be insanely delicious!!  Her prices have gone up, and I’m happy to support her. I want to be transparent that I said I’m not charging for my time at the retreat, and when I muscle tested to choose the pricing, I will be receiving some payment for the weekend vs doing it completely at cost (what I heard was, well, you said you wouldn’t charge for your time, but you do need to charge for your energy :). We’ll be staying at the same incredible place I’ve used in the past right on the ocean!! The cost of this retreat is lower than any retreat I’ve done in the past, even with Margarita’s higher prices…and that also feels good and right given how much you’re each investing in the Soul Circle already.

The investment is $1,500 per person. This includes ALL your meals, and ALL your lodging, and ALL the group sessions, ceremonies and any outside healers I bring in.  Thur afternoon / evening 4pm through Sunday morning 11am Oct 26th-29th.  Woo hoo!!!! Can’t wait to connect with all you priestesses in person!!”


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