Energy is moving fast these days. 

New solutions are being born. New consciousness is emerging rapidly. People are less willing to put up with old, outdated situations + suffering. 

It’s all very exciting…and sometimes so vast, it’s overwhelming! 

How do you move forward in a world that feels like shifting sand under your feet?

Struggling to make a decision – try this.

If you’re trying to figure out your next step or decide between various options, here’s one of my favorite, quick tools to access your body wisdom.

Stand Your Ground:

Step 1. Write each option on a separate piece of paper of similar size

Step 2. Place each piece of paper on the ground in front of you (I usually read the paper as I stand on it…but sometimes I like to put the words facing down or fold the paper so I can’t read it – which really gets my mind out of the way!)

Step 3. Stand on one piece of paper, close your eyes, notice what you feel in your body. Is your chest expansive and open? Tight and constricted? What do you feel  in your neck, shoulders, throat, jaw, chest, belly, back or anywhere else in the body? Try to focus simply on the sensations in the body rather than the stories in the mind.

Step 4. Step off that piece of paper, shake it off, and step on the next piece of paper.

Step 5. Do this for each piece of paper until you’ve stood on every option.

Step 6. Journal about what you noticed and experienced.

I’m going through a big transition at work right now, feeling into some new opportunities that are very different from what I’ve been focused on. 

When I did the Stand Your Ground exercise, I got tremendous clarity. 

For one option, I felt my whole chest expand with good feelings. Another option felt kind of open in my heart, but there was a heaviness on my shoulders. A third option felt constricted, with pain in my lower back (which symbolizes needing support).

The body never lies + your body is a compass.

Women tell me things like;

I have an injured spinal disc that creates so much pain, I’m in the fetal position standing up, but whenever I’m helping someone else I feel fine.”

“I had this inexplicable medical illness. None of the doctors could figure it out. But when I took a sabbatical from my job, all the symptoms went away!

Physical pain can be the body’s way of saying you’re not on track.

The body is a compass, and it points to your deeper truth.

When you do Stand Your Ground, you access your body’s deeper knowing + wisdom.

Read more examples of Stand Your Ground and other tools to get clarity HERE

The best way to more clearly hear the wisdom of your body and intuition is to start tuning in to it as much as possible and take its advice.

So go ahead and give this a try right now! What’ve you got to lose?
Try it out for yourself and let me know in the comments what you notice!

May we all learn to tune into and trust our deeper knowing as we build a life we love,



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