Wowza – it’s been exactly one year TODAY that The Soul Solution book was launched!!

Thank you for being part of this book’s journey into the world. I’m so grateful to you, and to this community for all your support and encouragement. 

If you haven’t yet bought the book – please do!!
(here’s a link to all the places it’s sold)

I’d also *really* appreciate an Amazon review, it makes a big difference!
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If you’re interested in a bulk book order, I’d be happy to speak at your company, event, team offsite, book club, or wherever the heck you want!

An anniversary or birthday can be a time to reflect, so today I wanted to share a few thoughts:

Top 3 Best Things about Book Launch

  • The incredible, joyful, abundant experiences I had as part of the book launch. Joining a cooking class for lawyers, speaking on a stage with 5,000 people in the audience, sharing intimately at a small group dinner party, meeting a roomful of inspiring, mostly LDS women in UT to talk about healing our inner patriarch + The Soul Solution…just to name a few!
  • The beautiful souls I met who I wouldn’t have otherwise, like Tami Simon, Monica Rodgers, Meredith Ellison, Cherie Burton, Jill Daniels, Kacie and Katie from the F*ck It All podcast, and the people I deepened my friendships with as a result of this book, like Amy McPhie Allebest, Lauren Hurst, Jen Scales, Lisa Landry, Melanie Robinson, Diane Liu Scallon, my entire divinity circle (shout out to Anne Robie’s podcast!) and many others.
  • Watching my kids cheer me on and proudly say “mommy wrote a book!” My son asked if his school library would have the book (about the most adorable question ever). This video of them when the book arrived says it all.

Top 3 Biggest Challenges with Book Launch

  • Following my own advice (from the book!!) and staying aligned with my soul vs. getting caught up in my ego’s stories that I’m a failure who hasn’t sold enough books. Choosing alignment vs. fear.
  • Knowing when to trust my intuition vs. doing what the industry said I “should” do to promote a first time author’s book (again…a lesson from the book itself! Basically I just should have sat home and read my own book over and over again.)
  • Focusing on heart centered connection vs. metrics. 

Okay, my top 3 challenges are basically the same challenge = trusting my soul vs. ego = the central message of the book.

You teach what you most need to learn.

That’s certainly the case for me. So, yeah, the past year has been pretty META.

It’s been quite a year. Lots of ups and downs. More than anything, I’m grateful for the stories I’ve heard from other women about how this book has impacted them, and the people I’ve met as a result of having written The Soul Solution who I wouldn’t have met otherwise.

This book has been a bridge, from my heart to yours, and for that I will be forever grateful.

Thank you for being part of this co-creation.

May we all live a more soul-aligned, joyful, authentic, expansive life!


P.S. What’s the quick favor?

Please share the book with anyone you know who struggles with burnout, overwhelm or trusting themselves and their deeper knowing, or anyone who’s looking to create even more joy, ease and abundance!



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