The answers you seek are already inside you.

You have all the answers, all you need to do is quiet down long enough to hear them.

The body never lies.

We each have a deep wisdom inside us, waiting to be heard.

Your body is a compass.

So many women have told me things like this;

I get chronic migraines every time I’m at work.”

I have an injured spinal disc that creates so much pain, I’m in the fetal position standing up, but whenever I’m helping someone else I feel fine.”

“I had this inexplicable medical illness. None of the doctors could figure it out. But when I took a sabbatical from my job, all the symptoms went away!

Physical pain can be the body’s way of saying you’re not on track.

The body is a compass, and it points to your North Star.

(Here’s a video explaining how to find your North Star)

Here are three quick (free) tools to gain clarity by tapping into the wisdom of your body and intuition.     

1. Do a Body Check.

This is not the type of “body check” they do in hockey!

Instead of being aggressive and forceful, get quiet and still.

The next time you’re making a decision, trying to gain clarity, pause for one or two breaths and check in with your body.

How do you feel in your body when you consider this opportunity?

For example, if you’re interviewing for a job, and you check in with your body and notice this awful heaviness in your shoulders or a tightness in your chest, that could be a sign that it’s not the right move for you.

If, on the other hand, you feel an excited, bubbly feeling in your body (some people describe it as champagne bubbles) or a buzzy, joyful energy, that could be a sign you’re on the right track!

Tune in.

Notice how it feels in your body when you’re weighing different options, and use those feelings to inform your decisions.

2. Muscle Testing.

I developed this technique many years ago based on kinesiology and certain types of muscle testing.

Start by standing up with your feet planted comfortably about hips distance apart and your arms resting straight by your sides.

Say out loud; “My name is xxx.” (Example: “My name is Vanessa”)

After you say this sentence, notice if your body sways forwards, back, left or right. For most people, when you have a “yes,” you will sway a bit forward onto the balls of your feet. But your “Yes” may be in a different direction, so notice whatever is true for you.

Then say out loud; “My name is Donald Duck.” (or any made up name)

Again, notice what happens to your body. For many people, you will feel your weight shift just slightly onto your heels when it’s a “No.”

Typically, the body will move slightly forward for “yes,” and slightly back for “no,” although your individual experience may differ. Simply notice which direction your body move when you state the truth, which is your “yes,” versus your “no.”

It can be subtle, but there is a difference.

After you’ve done this to get a clear sense of what a “Yes” and a “No” feels like for you, you can pose any question you’d like.

For example; “should I go to that event next Thursday?” Simply say the question out loud, and notice which direction your body weight moves.

I will often end the sentence with clear instructions on a yes versus a no. For example; “Should I go to that event on April 7th? Forward for yes, back for no.”

After you pose a question, you will probably feel a small shift in your body weight in one direction or another.

If you get too into your head analyzing it, you will get confused.

If you overthink this, it becomes hard to tune into the subtle signs of the body.

Simply ask a question, then notice which way your body leans. And take that information into account when you make your decision.

3. Stand Your Ground

Another more tangible way to get in touch with your intuition and body wisdom is to do what I call the “Stand Your Ground” Exercise.

Take out two pieces of paper.

Write some details about each of the options you’re deciding between on each piece of paper.

For example, if you’re deciding whether to buy a house you’ve just seen or rent a different house, write a description of the house you want to buy on one piece of paper and a description of the other house you want to rent on the other piece of paper.

Now place the two pieces of paper on the ground with the words facing up, about 2 feet apart.

Stand on one of the pieces of paper, close your eyes and tune in to how you feel in your body.

After a minute or so, step off that first piece of paper. Shake or move your body to clear it. Then stand on the other piece of paper and do the same thing, closing your eyes and tuning in to how you feel in your body.

If you start thinking things like; “Well, if we rent, it will be cheaper,” let go of the thought and come back to feeling what’s going on in your body.

Maybe you feel more open and light on one piece of paper and more heavy and tired on the other.

This will give you a sense for how you really feel about these two options, when you get your thinking mind out of the way.

I had a friend do this exercise when she was deciding to move homes and felt torn between two completely different houses. Once she did Stand Your Ground, she became very clear on which house she was most excited to move into – and now she lives there!

The best way to more clearly hear the wisdom of your body and intuition is to start tuning in to it as much as possible and take it’s advice when it suggests something to you.

So go ahead and give this a try right now! What’ve you got to lose?

I’d love to hear about your experience doing “Stand Your Ground,” or either of the other tools, so please leave a comment below and let us know! What was this exercise like for you?!

If you listen to your intuition and commit to take action on it, you’ll be surprised at how easily things begin to flow and how much clarity and joy enter your life!

As you learn to tap into this body wisdom, you can use it to get answers about what you want – with your life, your career, or even just what you’d like to eat for lunch that day!

So let me know in the comments below – what signs has your body given you in the past?

Have you ever had an injury or illness that showed up when you weren’t on track with your life?

I’d love to hear from you! How has your body been a compass? Share your experience using these tools in the comments below!


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