Quick announcement before today’s blog:

Registration is officially OPEN for the Create Work You Love (CWYL) Program! Woo Hoo!


Create Work You Love is a 4 month online career program for women at a crossroads or major transition. Learn more and register HERE.

Now onto the juicy stuff…I want to share something a bit vulnerable.

As you may have noticed, we’re in the midst of a launch for the Create Work You Love Program. Doing a “launch” typically means sending lots of emails and videos about the program just before registration opens.

Every time I do one of these “launches,” I lose myself.

I end up following these internet marketing formulas, doing what I should do, and losing some of my creativity, authenticity and joy in the process. It’s as though my Stanford MBA self takes over and says (in a very authoritarian voice); “this is what you need to do to create a scalable business.”

Following a formula in life can lead to burnout and self-doubt.

Often, when I’m following someone else’s formula for success, I start to feel burned out.

And then, as I begin to notice that I’m not feeling inspired or motivated, instead of honoring this truth, I doubt myself.

I get confused.

I wonder if my lack of motivation is because I don’t like marketing as much as teaching, and I just need to push through, or if I feel this way because I’m not aligned with my truth and perhaps I should take a different approach entirely.

Here’s the main thing I’ve realized;

99% of the time, pushing through is not the answer.

As long as you don’t have a pattern of abandoning every project you start, a lack of motivation is rarely the main culprit.

The only times I’ve consistently struggled to feel motivated are when something is not right. Either it isn’t right for me, or it’s not the right time to do it (I’m exhausted from other commitments or the timing is off).

Even though I know in my heart that pushing through is not the answer, I still keep coming back to the formula of what I should do to grow my business. Here’s why…

It’s scary to trust the unknown, so we opt for what’s safe instead.

Following a formula feels safe because it has a proven outcome. (or so we believe)

But the only way to find true fulfillment is to create your own formula as you go – which is scary as hell!  

Trust me, I’ve been attempting this for years and I still struggle with it.

It’s ironic (and perfect!) that I’m having this struggle right now as this is so much of what I teach in the Create Work You Love Program!

Time and again I’m re-learning this lesson…

There’s a deeper wisdom inside of you that marches to the beat of its own drum.

And when I try to match the pace or rhythm set by someone else, even if that person has the best of intentions, I end up tripping over myself and feeling unhappy because I’m not in sync with me.

Getting in sync with yourself is the most important work you can do.

I was going to teach a free webinar this week, something with a catchy title like; “The 5 Mistakes Women Make in Career Transitions….blah blah blah”  But I just wasn’t feeling it. These types of webinars are how women learn about my CWYL Program, it’s part of the “proven formula”. So I felt like I had to do it. But my body felt heavy when I thought about it. And I just couldn’t seem to muster the energy to do it.

So I said “no” to pushing myself to create something out of a place of “should-ness.”

And I already feel more light and free, and can sense some of my creative juices coming back (a-la today’s video).

So instead of that webinar, I’m offering you this video.


Today’s blog and video are my way of telling you about the CWYL Program in a format that feels more like it’s coming from my heart.

If this way of walking in the world resonates with you, I hope you can join us in the CWYL Program. It’s gonna be an incredible journey! Learn more about it HERE.

If you know someone else who is at a crossroads or major transition, and who wants to discover how to create their own formula for success and march to the beat of their own drum – please share this blog with them!

I’d love to hear from you – have you ever lost yourself following someone else’s formula in life? How have you ensured that you stay in sync with yourself and create your own path forward?

Regardless of whether you’re at a crossroads or simply curious for tools to create more happiness, I can guarantee that the more you get in sync with you, the more fulfilled you’ll be!

Just ask yourself this question; “hmmm, how am I following other people’s formulas for success right now, and how can I get more in sync with me instead?”


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