Happy (almost) 4th of July to those of you in the US! This holiday is all about freedom.

What does FREEDOM mean to you?

What if you celebrated the concept of freedom by giving yourself permission to be a little more free this week?! 

If you could be free from one unhealthy habit or behavior, what would you choose? 

If you could be free to do something you really want to do with zero consequences, repercussions or judgment from anyone else, what would you do?

Where in your life do you crave greater freedom?

What if you felt free to read a novel for hours uninterrupted. Free to leave work early. Free to dress how you want or eat what you want without beating yourself up. Free to feel happy even though other people are suffering.

For me, I’m not shaving my legs. (Just kidding…that happens all the time. I’ll take it one level deeper.)

I’m going to scream with joy while on a hike, even though I may feel self-conscious. I’m going to feel free to let my kids have more screen time and not always worry about healthy meals this week. I’m going to say no to any parties or activities that don’t feel good. Instead, I’ll have a dance party in my office, maybe even in my driveway. I’m going to feel free to indulge in a nice cup of tea, some chocolate (on a fancy plate) and a good novel all while lying in bed during the afternoon. 

Aww yeah! 

I already feel more free just thinking of all the ways I want to be free.

These are smaller, daily examples. Sometimes we also crave freedom at a larger scale.

Free to leave a relationship, or a job that isn’t what you truly want. Free to be honest about who you are and what you need. 

Now it’s your turn. How do you want to feel more free this week and in your life overall? Leave a comment below and let us know!

May you feel free to create work and a life you love,


P.S. I’m also feeling free to quit work early, not write a long blog and just keep this short and sweet! 🙂

Let us know how you want to bring more freedom into your life. Please share below, you’ll inspire others with your ideas!

Photo Credit: DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash


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