Ever had one of those weeks?

In preparation for opening registration for our April CWYL Program, last Monday we sent a 4-Part Video Series to over 14,000 people (watch it here)…and then…the website went down due to an SSL Certificate issue (don’t ask)!

When it rains, it pours.

Plus, as of two weeks ago, our daughter Eva is switching schools, and I had agreed to sit in on her new kindergarten class all morning Monday and Tuesday to help her adjust.

As I was walking Eva out the door, I got an email saying the website was down.

Oh – and when we got to the new school, the tail fell off Eva’s favorite stuffed bunny (her security blanket) right as we were about to join circle time.

= mass hysteria.

It was such a comedy of errors, I had to laugh.

(and later I cried…after spending ten minutes at the end of an exhausting day trying to sew the dang tail back on Eva’s bunny only to be reprimanded by a five year old that my workmanship was shoddy…which it clearly was. See below photo for crooked tail evidence exhibit #1 in Eva’s defense.)

#Badmom #BadBusinessWoman #BadDay

In the past, I would’ve had a field day beating myself up or feeling completely overwhelmed by all this.

But that didn’t happen.

Instead, I thought; “Making sure Eva is safe and comfortable in her new school is my top priority. Maybe I’ll lose a few thousand dollars with my business because of these delays, but that’s nothing compared to my daughter having a positive experience at her new school.”

I owned my choices. I compromised where I could. And I didn’t waste time on negativity.

I got the wifi password and worked surreptitiously on my laptop at the back of the classroom while Eva slowly began participating in her new class.

This is the life of a working parent.

Sometimes things fall apart (including stuffed bunny tails!), and that’s normal.

And, I really believe that all the personal development and self-compassion work I’ve done helped me tremendously this past week.

I’m a fundamentally different person than I was five years ago.

I still have meltdowns, I still lose my marbles, but I’m able to be more kind and compassionate with myself throughout, and I recover faster than I would’ve in the past.

And I’m proud of the life I’ve created.

I’m staying true to my values, to what I deem important (not what I “should” do). I’m doing meaningful work that fulfills me, but I also refuse to let it take over my life.

You deserve this too.

You deserve to have purposeful work AND time for other things that matter to you (family, creativity, etc.).

You can make an impact with your work, and your life.

If you aren’t sure how to do this, join me in the Create Work You Love Program!

You can hear more about my own personal story of finding work I love in this video…

The CWYL Program was designed for women who are at a crossroads or a major transition and want clarity on your next steps.

In addition to learning tools to gain clarity and let go of the fears and beliefs that have kept you stuck, you’ll also learn how to cultivate more self-compassion and patience with yourself, so that when sh*t hits the fan…which it inevitably will, you’ll be prepared!

Plus, you’ll have a whole community of women who have your back.

It’s so powerful to be surrounded by other women with the same struggles, the same ambitions and dreams as you. We’ll all be cheering you on, saying;

You’ve GOT this.

Join our CWYL global community today – registration is only open a few more days!


Now…back to this bunny tail situation.

If it ain’t in your zone of genius…outsource it!

One of the things I teach in the CWYL Program is how to get really clear on your zone of genius, the things that you’re really good at doing and that you also enjoy doing.

Sewing bunny tails is NOT in my zone of genius. At all.

So we’ll be taking bunny for a little holiday (read: surgery) at the dry cleaners later this week.

Now, I’d love to hear from you – when’s a time when everything fell apart all at once? And what did you do about it?  Did you ask for support? Were you able to be compassionate with yourself? When has everything been so bad that you just had to laugh?

Leave a comment below and let me know! When did your metaphorical bunny tail fall off? And what did you do about it?


P.S. If you want a preview of what I’ll be teaching in the program, you can WATCH THIS VIDEO 

P.P.S. If you haven’t been able to watch our 4-Part Video Series, check it out now! It will only be up for another 4 days.


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