How can you get more done with ease AND find “me” time?

Have you ever struggled to get everything done in a single day? Or rushed around responding to other people’s demands, while neglecting to take care of you? Or, as a solopreneur, gone down a rabbit hole and ended the day with none of your To-do’s crossed off?

What if you could be more productive and find time for replenishing activities so you end the day (and week!) feeling energized instead of depleted – sign me up for THAT!

Exciting news…

We’re offering a LIVE Soul Planner Power Hour session to help you set yourself up for a productive and happy week. 

Join us LIVE this Tuesday, November 19th for Weekly Planning + Power Hour.

(it’s FREE!)

This Free Soul Planner Power Hour is an online meeting for us to get together and plan our weeks, then spend some time knocking off the most important To-Do’s with the support and accountability of a group. 

I’ll be walking you through how to complete the weekly planning guide, and then we’ll do a power hour together so you can take action on your goals and priorities immediately.

How can you get more done without feeling hectic or stressed? We’ll show you!

This LIVE session will teach you how to get even more done and ensure you’re focused on the most important tasks to move your career and life forward. 

You’ll easily 3x your productivity and set yourself up for a successful week in just 90 minutes. 

Join me and Suzanne Miller, designer of the Soul Planner, as we share our secrets and best practices to designing your ideal week and making space for your top priorities – including YOU!

This LIVE Soul Planner Power Hour is designed for high performing leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, creatives and anyone who wants to get more done with greater ease in less time, without feeling exhausted or depleted in the process. 

This 90 minute session is jam packed with proven strategies and tools. You’ll learn how to:

  • Focus on your Top Priorities each week
  • Visualize your goals
  • Chunk your big vision down to daily tasks
  • Celebrate and appreciate your accomplishments
  • View all failure as feedback
  • Schedule self-care
  • Review and adjust
  • Stop procrastinating and TAKE ACTION on what matters most to you

Our Weekly Planning Guide is based on the neuroscience behind behavior change and incorporates visualization and focusing techniques alongside self-care and energy replenishing tools to help you map out your ideal week. It’s been road tested by hundreds of my high performing clients and improved over the years based on their feedback.

The Power Hour is a quick productivity hack that will help you get more done in less time – guaranteed!  

Introspection + Action = Powerful Outcomes/Results.

We’ll be taking you through BOTH the Weekly Planning Guide and the Power Hour in this live session that’s part webinar, part working meeting. 

By proactively scheduling self-care, and celebrating your accomplishments, you’ll learn how to increase your energy and recharge your battery every week. By taking action on your top priorities in a group setting, you’ll get more done in less time (we’re literally going to sit in a zoom meeting and do our most important work individually, together.

At the end of this session, you’ll have a weekly system to help you stay on track, and you’ll have already taken action on your top priorities. 

You’ll leave Tuesday’s session feeling more organized and on top of things for the upcoming week and feeling better about what you’ve accomplished.

Join Today! 

*you must register to receive the Zoom meeting link

 We’ll see you Tuesday!

Vanessa & Suzanne

P.S. If you want support and accountability to stop procrastinating and start making progress on your biggest goals, you don’t want to miss this!

P.P.S.  Invite a friend to join you! The Soul Planner Power Hour is even more fun with a friend or colleague, they can sign up HERE.


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