We often make up stories about people.

Like, she must be so confident. Or he thinks his ideas are so superior.

But we don’t look under the hood to 1) really get to know the person or 2) check out if our assumptions are true or 3) tell other people how their behavior impacts us.

If you want to learn how to figure out what other people think about you (and have been too nervous to tell you) and deepen into self-discovery and building more authentic, trusting relationships, watch this video:

Today’s video teaches a simple yet potent framework for improving self-awareness and communication skills and building stronger relationships with others. 

It’s incredibly useful in group dynamics, team development and all types of business relationships. And it deepens self-discovery.

If you haven’t heard of the Johari window, I’d recommend taking 4 min to check it out.

What is self-disclosure?

It’s letting people know you more fully.

For example, people might perceive me as confident + comfortable in my own skin because I’m ok standing on stage speaking to a group of 5,000 people. But the truth is, I often feel nervous in social settings. I cover up my nervousness by talking a lot and telling funny stories as a way to avoid intimate conversations. 

It’s a jujitsu social awkwardness move.

Sharing this slightly vulnerable truth is an example of self-disclosure (with a humble brag thrown into the mix by mentioning that I keynote a 5,000 person audience…just in case you’re looking for a keynote speaker who’s very humble. And hairy. You’ll learn more on that below). 

When practiced appropriately, self-disclosure can deepen connections and lead to greater trust and intimacy in your relationships both at home and at work.

To hear more about self-disclosure and how it builds connection and trust, watch this video!

Mostly, self-disclosure pays off in spades. Your relationships improve dramatically when you share more of yourself with others. 

Occasionally, you might get yourself into a hairy situation. 

So it can be occasionally hairy. Like my chin. Which has taken a turn for the worse in my mid-40’s. Now I have to use tweezers to pluck errant chin hairs on a weekly basis. How’s that for self-disclosure?! #nailedit

If you enjoyed today’s video and found it useful, pass it along! Forward this email to a friend or colleague. I want everyone to know about my chin hair so we can all feel closer. #naileditagain

And stay tuned, we have some very exciting things coming up in the next month with our 21 Day Abundance NOW Challenge.

Until then, may you stay hairy, stay self-disclosing and learn how to receive feedback in a productive and useful way,


P.S. If you want a deep dive in self-discovery, apply to join our next Soul Circle. Starts in September! Applications received on a rolling basis, first come, first serve.  


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