When you describe your life to others, or even in your own mind, what are you saying? What story are you telling about yourself?

Our narratives become our reality. 

Learn to let go of your old story and step into a new one – vomit noises help!

A super quick, fun exercise to shift something in your life is to write or speak out loud the “Old Story” of your situation (ex: my job sucks, no one appreciates me, I have to work really hard to get what I want, my romantic relationship doesn’t really feed me, I have no friends….you get the gist). 

Then make a blah noise out loud (I prefer a vomiting sound!) or shake it off with a gesture and imagine letting go of the old story. 

Next, describe your NEW Story. What do you want to live now?

Write it down or say it out loud. (ex: I get to have everything I want with ease and joy. There’s so much abundance and expansion available to me! I get to run my business from a really joyful place and make tons of money! I get to have a thriving partnership with a beautiful man and have the intimacy I really desire, etc.)

Anytime throughout the day that you get sucked back into your old story, do a physical gesture like crossing your hands with the dominant thumb on top. Say out loud “Old Story.” Then, cross your hands the other way, with the other thumb on top, and say out loud or in your mind “New Story.” 

Or you could start to tie your right shoe first, and say in your mind; “Old Story.” Then, instead, tie your left shoe first, and say; “New Story.”

Reverse something in the opposite way you normally do it as you remind yourself; “Old story, New story.”

This will help rewire your physiology to shift into a new narrative about yourself and your life.

It all begins with noticing; What story are you telling yourself about yourself? 

I’d love to hear in the comments on this blog! What’s your “Old Story”? And what’s the New Story you want to step into now?

Here are a few examples from women in our Soul Circle:


Old Story: I have to do everything by myself. It’s selfish to ask for or receive help. Life has to be hard. I have to grind. And just claw and ask all the time.


New Story: I have compassion with boundaries. An open heart, with discernment. I’m wise and capable, and worthy to receive. I am divine feminine energy, receptive for abundance, love, ease and grace.


Old Story: Work is hard, and it’s not real unless it’s hard. My best qualities are my responsibility and my loyalty to other people. My old story is that I can push through anything, and so I will.


New Story: I’m intuitive and I can listen to my intuition. My new story is that I’m a healer and a leader. My new story is that I’m responsible to me. And that my loyalty has to be to me first, like an oxygen mask on me before others. And that I’m allowing joy, fun, and ease.


Old Story: I’m a Type A who is not as smart as I am hardworking. I have failed relationships because I stretch myself too thin. And I didn’t do anything right. In motherhood, as a wife, professionally.


New Story: My new story is that I’m an executive and senior leader at a wonderful company who’s really good at delegating and not doing everything herself. Because I have super smart people who I can rely on and who support me. I’m a corporate shaman who leads people. I have a wonderful relationship with a wonderful man. I have great relationships with my kids. And great relationships with friends. I’m letting all those old stories go. I trust that I’m divinely supported. And that everything comes to me in the right divine order.


Old Story: No pain, no gain. I had to do everything by myself. I only like narcissistic men and I can’t trust myself as a mother. And that if it’s not hard, it’s not worth doing. I’m driven by duty and responsibility. I’ve gotten where I am because I have a good personality. And not because I’m as smart as everyone else.


New Story: I can have work I love that has an impact with ease and joy. I can also have connections and relationships with ease and joy. I can trust myself. As a parent, and also in my relationships with men.


May you live into your new story more fully every single day and inspire others to do the same,


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