It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and in honor of this day that’s all about love, here are some of my best tools for feeling loved.

It’s easy to give love to others.

Do you take care of everyone else, but forget yourself?!

It’s not so easy to give the same love to ourselves.

There’s one person who will always be there for you no matter what…YOU.

This year, give yourself a Valentine by doing one (or all!) of these things to love yourself up:

1. Write yourself a love letter.

Pick out a beautiful card or some stationery that really speaks to you, and write yourself a love letter. Tell yourself all the things you love about you, what you’re proud of, and any other words of encouragement. Think of the ways you feel underappreciated, and then acknowledge yourself for those very things. You can even self-address this card and put it in the mail. It seems silly, but it’s really fun to receive a love card from yourself!

Side note: a single woman from one of my programs who wanted to meet her ideal man decided to write herself a Valentine’s Day card as if it was written from this new man. She expressed everything she’d want her partner to appreciate about her and wrote it in his voice. Within just a few months, she met a man who appreciated her for exactly the things she wrote in the card!

So…you can also write this Valentine from your imaginary future lover if that feels more exciting to you. Or even from your current lover if you want to feel more appreciated and loved in certain ways!

2. Super Self-Care.

Love yourself up by practicing self-care this week. Book a massage, light some candles, buy some new lavender bath salts or take a bubble bath. This is something that’s easy to say, and harder to do. Make self-care a priority this week, go book yourself a treatment…NOW!

3. Treat yo-self.

Buy yourself a special gift to express your love. This could be a beautiful bouquet of flowers, or a crystal shaped like a heart, some dark chocolate, or even a piece of jewelry. If you’ve been waiting for someone else to give you the perfect gift…why not give it to yourself! You deserve it.

There’s something special and empowering about buying yourself the thing you most desire rather than waiting or hoping someone else will know exactly what you want and surprise you with it.

4. Practice Loving Kindness.

Here’s one of my favorite loving kindness meditations to help open your heart to give and receive love.

5. Make a Love Jar.

Get a bunch of colored notecards and a mason jar. Write down one thing you love about yourself on each card. Then fold the cards and place them in the jar. Read one each morning for the next two weeks.

I’d love to hear in the comments below – how are you going to love yourself up this week??

Let me know in the comments below!

May you open your heart to receive even more love, and give yourself all the love you desire.

P.S. Talk about some major heart opening…we had a truly magical CWYL Women’s Retreat this past weekend. I love you ladies!!! If you want to learn more about the next Create Work You Love Program, fill out this application.


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