Have you wondered if there is a better way to connect with your intuition and trust it’s inner guidance rather than pushing yourself forward? 

When you begin asking deeper questions about your life, you’ll be astounded to discover that your Soul is always here, talking to you. 

We’ve just become really good at blocking it out in our modern, fast paced world. 

Here’s why: The Soul speaks to us in a whisper during the little slivers of silence we create in our minds. The Ego, in contrast, screams at us in a very loud voice . . . constantly. 

For many people, the voice of the Soul isn’t even something you hear. It’s something you feel, or sense or intuit. 

When you follow the quiet whispers of your soul, it leads to miracles and magic.

There may be twists and turns in the path, it might feel daunting or confusing, but the place you’ll end up will be a meadow of wonder. 

If you only listen to the loud voice of the ego, you may achieve external “success,” but there will be something lacking or missing. 

The loud voice of the ego can tell you to plant crops and grow corn, but it can’t lead you to a magical meadow filled with wildflowers you didn’t even know you loved or needed. When you see those wildflowers and realize those are the exact blooms you’ve been desperately craving all your life, you’ll understand the importance of listening to and trusting the voice of your soul. 

But how do I hear my soul’s voice?!

Your soul is calling you all the time.

In ways big and small. Every hour of every day. 

Your soul is there, just beneath the surface of your ego. Calling you to live from a place of love rather than fear, to be grateful rather than grasping, to be in abundance rather than scarcity, and to live in alignment with your deepest desires.

The more time you spend being still and quiet with yourself, the easier it becomes to tune into this voice.

Maybe your soul is calling you to go out in nature more often, or to pick up the phone and call that friend who you’ve lost touch with over the years. Perhaps your soul is calling you to laugh more, to be more light hearted, to spend more time playing with your children instead of doing their laundry, to wear more yellow and less black, to take an art class and buy some fresh flowers. To stop taking yourself so seriously. 

It doesn’t have to be hard. 

Rather than making this a big, daunting experience, allow it to be simple and easy.

Take a moment right now to pause.  

Use this Soul Speak Practice BELOW.

Deep breath in. 

Deep breath out. 

Deep breath in. 

Deep breath out. 

Deep breath in. 

Deep breath out. 

Place one or both hands on your heart. Close your eyes and ask yourself; 

What is my heart, my soul, calling me to do today? 

What does my soul want me to know or understand right now about myself or my life?

Sit in stillness and allow those questions to float in your awareness. Notice what happens.

Most likely, your ego will answer first.

As I paused in writing this to ask the questions above, my mind started chattering; “Maybe it’s not that easy to just drop in and hear the voice of your soul. These readers are going to try asking those questions and feel like it isn’t working for them. You’re asking too much of the reader.”

After my ego had its say, telling me this advice wasn’t going to work for any of you, I continued to sit in stillness with these questions:

What is my heart, my soul, calling me to do today? 

What does my soul want me to know or understand right now about myself or my life?

Suddenly, I heard a bird chirping outside my office window. It felt like a sign. A sign to spend time in nature today. So I will.

It can be that simple. 

When you try this practice, the voice of the ego will most likely insert itself. 

This voice will insist that you are doing this wrong, that you don’t know how to do it, or that it isn’t working. 

Simply thank the protective parts within you for trying to keep you safe, and come back to the practice. 

Connect with your breath. Imagine breathing directly in to your heart center as you continue floating these questions in your awareness;

What is my heart, my soul, calling me to do today? 

What does my soul want me to know or understand right now about myself, my life and the world?

You may randomly see yourself making a cup of tea as you ask the first question. That could be your intuition telling you to nurture yourself with a warm drink today. 

Or maybe someone’s face will flash across your mind’s eye, a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. Your soul could be calling you to reach out and reconnect with that person. 

Or you may receive a loving message of support like; “You are exactly where you need to be. All is well.” 

Words of wisdom might come through, or just a good feeling in your body. Or, your ego could be really vocal the entire time. Perhaps you won’t get any guidance, and your ego will tell you that you suck at this soul stuff. Stay calm, deep breaths. 

Ask yourself; “What’s one small thing I can do today to honor my soul?” and notice what arises. 

Pay attention to signs and serendipities. 

One way your soul can speak to you is through signs and serendipities, like the bird chirping outside my window.

Spend five to ten minutes connecting with your heart and asking for guidance from your soul today. 

There is no wrong way to do this. 

If your ego is really loud, you can ask that protective part to please step back, and then ask the voice of your soul to step forward. Maybe even visualize or imagine a cartoon character of your ego stepping back, and another character that represents your soul stepping forward.

Let your soul, your essence, know that you would like to connect with it and hear its wisdom. 

Then wait and notice what happens next.

If you receive guidance, I recommend following it! 

Not only because this guidance is probably exactly what you need, but also because the more you follow your inner guidance, the easier it becomes to hear it and trust it in the future. 

As you trust these impulses and take action on them, it creates a feedback loop.

It becomes easier to tune in. 

After you’ve given this Soul Speak Practice a try, let me know how you like it! I really would love to hear from you. Was the voice of ego loud and insistent? Were you able to stay in stillness long enough to receive guidance from a deeper, wiser part of you?

Leave a comment below and let me know!

May you listen to and trust the quiet voice of your soul today and every day,


P.S. If you enjoyed this practice and want to learn more about connecting with the quiet whispers of your soul rather than the loud voice of ego…stay tuned! 

We’ll be offering a brand new membership program this fall to help you make The Soul Switch. Aww yeah 🙂


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