Want to go from fear to calm in three breaths? 

In today’s Bringing Calm to COVID video, you’ll learn how to change your body chemistry from fear to calm in just three connected breaths with Katie and Gay Hendricks.

Many of us are still living in a state of flux and fear right now which means that our thoughts and decisions come from fear and anxiety rather than creativity. 

Get a quick fix with these mini coping strategies.

In the video below, you’ll learn a series of “Fear Melters” from Katie and Gay Hendricks, two of the world’s leaders in body-mind transformations and conscious loving and authors of dozens of best-selling books including The Big Leap, by Gay Hendricks and Conscious Loving by Katie Hendricks.

Watch the video and you’ll learn;

  • A simple breathing exercise to change your body chemistry from flight & fight to a feeling of calm in just three breaths.
  • Valuable resources to help you communicate from a place of love 
  • How to shift your fears and anxieties to think more clearly and expand in creativity

These exercises can be done by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

When we’re locked in fear, we stop ourselves from living a full and abundant life. 

Many of us live inside of fear without even realizing it. This invisible fear drives the choices we make and the actions we take.

The three connected breaths.

So often the simplest things are the most effective. By using the simple breathing exercise and fear melters in this video, you’ll begin to feel more calm and creative immediately.

The Fear Melters.

Katie introduces us to a series of Fear Melter techniques that will help us acknowledge and manage fear as it arises. The Fear Melters are a combination of:

  1. Physical movements
  2. Listening techniques
  3. Appreciation of ourselves and others
  4. Mindfulness & meditation

These quick coping strategies take less than two minutes, and really work!

Think of the Fear Melters as mini coping strategies for when you’re feeling overwhelmed and finding it difficult to cope with the uncertainty around you right now.

I’d like to thank Katie & Gay for giving us this time and for being so generous with their words of wisdom and easy techniques for managing fear.

All my love to you and your families. May we all learn how to shift from fear to presence whenever we need to,


P.S. Shout out to CWYL Grad Jackie Harris for graciously volunteering to draft these video descriptions and blogs for our Calm to COVID series! She’s a marketing wiz if you need help with copyrighting or marketing, check out her website: www.brightsparkmarketing.com 


Want to binge watch the ENTIRE Calm to COVID series like it’s The Queen’s Gambit? Here’s the full recording page with all our experts featured above. Take a daily walk and listen away, there’s so much wisdom in these videos!


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