Your soul’s calling.

Some people talk about having a “calling” with their lives. To be an artist, a teacher, a musician, a doctor. To build schools in Africa.

But most of us don’t identify with having a single “soul calling.”

We either dismiss the term thinking; “that doesn’t apply to me.” Or we feel anxious that we haven’t found ours yet.

What if your “soul calling” isn’t a singular thing that you do?

Many years ago when I thought of my “calling” as some singular, purpose-driven work that I needed to discover, I felt inadequate.

I also felt tremendous pressure to find a deeper meaning to my life that would manifest in a singular thing = my calling.

I’ve been chasing my soul’s calling for many years. Here’s what I’ve discovered;

There isn’t just one thing you’re here to do.

You have many deeper purposes to explore with your life, and they evolve as you evolve.

The truth is this:

Your soul is calling you all the time.

In big and little ways.

Every hour of every day. Your soul is there, just beneath the surface of your ego.

Calling you to live from a place of love rather than fear, to be grateful rather than grasping, to be in abundance rather than scarcity, and to live in alignment with your deepest desires.

Maybe your soul is calling you to go out in nature more often or to pick up the phone and call that friend who you’ve lost touch with over the years.  Perhaps your soul is calling you to laugh more, to be more light-hearted, to spend more time playing with your children instead of doing their laundry, to wear more yellow and less black, to take an art class and buy some fresh flowers. To stop taking yourself so seriously.

In the CWYL Program, we refer to these callings as our soul whispers.

Soul whispers come from the gentle, soft voice of your soul. We often miss these whispers because we aren’t quiet or still enough to hear.

Once you slow down and get quiet, you will hear your soul whispers.

As you follow these gentle soul whispers or callings, they may eventually lead you to a big Calling with a capital “C.” Some creative, mission-driven work that stirs your soul. But that’s not the point. And that’s not for everyone.

The point is to honor and act on all your small callings, your soul whispers.

Gail Larsen recently shared this indigenous teaching from Angeles Arrien;

It’s said we will not have soul loss if we practice these daily:  Singing, dancing, storytelling, silence.

So today, I ask you; In what way is your soul calling you right now in this very moment?  

What is one thing you can do to honor the callings or whispers of your soul?

I’d love to hear from you!  

Leave a comment below and let me know – what are the whispers of your soul saying?

May you follow the callings of your soul, today and every day.


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