Today, I want to talk about “the rub.”

The rub is when something feels off to you, but you override that inner knowing. 

Recently, my marketing team asked me to update an old blog on “5 Best Productivity Tips to Improve your To-Do List” for LinkedIn. 

And I realized I don’t really care about productivity tips to improve your To Do list.

I felt the rub.

The “rub” can show up as not feeling motivated, not caring about something, or it can be a feeling of tightness or discomfort in your body.

The rub happens when an aspect of your life is too small for you. You’ve outgrown something. 

You’re ready for the next, but you’re still playing the last

On repeat. Long past its expiration date. 

We keep doing what we used to do, even when we’ve outgrown it, out of comfort, fear, safety, habit…maybe even laziness?

What if “the rub” is the pain we feel when we’re birthing a new version of ourselves?

Feeling the rub doesn’t mean you’ve outgrown your whole life, just some aspect of it. 

Maybe you’ve outgrown a certain way of showing up, a certain way of being, or a role that you’re just not as interested in playing any more. 

But we stay in the patterns because it’s what we’re used to and what we’ve always done. 

The rub is that moment when you realize – this doesn’t feel good anymore. 

I need to get off this task force at work. I need to back away from this friendship. I want to move towards this other friendship. I want to focus on this new, more interesting project at work. 

Lately, maybe because I have a book coming out that’s all about alignment with your soul (yay… available for preorder, click here!), I feel the rub frequently. 

In conjunction with birthing this book into the world, I’m feeling called to live my own message. The old ways of being are falling away. I can’t pretend to care about certain things anymore. And that’s ok. 

Letting go of the old ways of being is how you make S P A C E for the next.

So, what’s your rub? 

And what’s the new you that wants to come through?

I’d love to know! Leave a comment below, how do you feel “the rub,” and what does it signify for you?

Sending you all grace and love as you get out of the rub and into the rightness of being aligned with your true self.

Big love,


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