Happy International Women’s Day!! 

My dear friend Amy Allebest has created a truly wise and world changing podcast called “Breaking Down Patriarchy” (with over 100,000 downloads! It’s soooo good). 

She asked me to offer a talk which was released today in honor of International Women’s Day – and you’re the first to know about it!

Listen Now: Dismantling Your Inner Patriarch with Vanessa Loder

You can listen on Spotify, Apple Music or wherever you get podcasts.

In this episode, I share some of my personal journey with patriarchy and offer compelling research, tools and strategies to help us all dismantle our pesky inner patriarch.

After you’ve had a chance to listen, I’d love to know what you think! You can leave a comment BELOW.

May we all dismantle our inner patriarch with as much ease, joy, and grace as possible,


P.S. TODAY, March 8th, I’ll be leading a LIVE Talk + Meditation in honor of International Women’s Day on Insight Timer.

Join HERE 

(invite your friends too!)

P.P.S. I am genuinely obsessed with Amy’s podcast Breaking Down Patriarchy

In Season One, she discusses all the major feminist texts we never learned about in school with a new reading partner each week. In Season Two, women share their own personal stories about patriarchy (including me!). 

Every single episode is pure gold. 

Listen HERE.


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