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Is it a problem?  Watch Now

Whether you believe something is a problem, or not, you’re right.

Notice when you’re in “problem energy.”

When you’re tackling a new challenge at work, or in your personal life, take a step back and ask – am I in problem energy?

It’s hard to solve anything when you’re in “problem energy.”

I’m trying to install solar panels on our house right now. I got into some serious problem energy with the project. Are we going with the right partner? Have I found the best priced deal with a manufacturer and warranty that can support us long term? This is all such a HASSLE.

I wasn’t asking these questions in a calm, relaxed way. I wasn’t feeling the benefits I’d experience once the project was complete. Instead, I was stressed, treating the whole thing like a massive pain in the butt that was doomed to go wrong. It felt like a problem.

So I took a break.

If you notice you’re in problem energy, STEP AWAY.

Back away from the situation. Take some space. Clear the “problem energy” or beliefs. Allow things to be easy. Reconnect with your heart. Perhaps imagine how you’ll feel once this issue has been resolved.

Connect with how you want to feel. Resourceful, calm, competent.

Then step back into the situation and take action from this new vantage point.

I remember a time in business school when I was co-president of the ski club (read: best joke job ever that “required” me to organize fun ski trips for our classmates and head to the mountain early to “scope it out.”)

Anyhoo, we’d planned a social event with a fun, hip bar. There would be a DJ and a raucous good time. Two hours before the event, our sponsor cancelled on us.

I freaked out.

We had 65 people flying in and expecting to meet up at that location that night. I was in such a panic, I ran around my hotel room like a chicken with its head cut off exclaiming; “Oh no! This is such a problem. What are we going to do?!”

(in hindsight, I probably didn’t have enough real problems in my life to have gotten so worked up over an open bar…it gives you a window into my world in b-school.)

When I explained the situation in a panicked voice to my co-president, he said; “It’s not a problem. We’ll just walk around the village and stop in every other bar until we find someone who can host our event.”

He had such a relaxed, confident attitude about the situation.

Sure enough, we pulled off the event with a new sponsor in a single day. My co-president went on to be an incredibly successful venture capitalist who’s maintained this attitude of; “It’s not a problem, we can figure it out.”

This attitude has served him well in life.

And, when I’ve embraced this attitude, it’s served me well too. I can think of several projects at work and at home when I responded with a calm; “No problem. I’ve got this.” Things worked themselves out with ease.

Remember, if you’re in “problem energy” you’re going to manifest more problems. If you’re relaxed, calm and confident, things will resolve themselves with much greater ease.

Don’t take my word for it, try it out for yourself and see.

May you resolve things with ease and joy,




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