When we go through a big change in our lives, we often have to leap from a safe, stable situation to a scary, unpredictable future. 

It can be terrifying.

Often, we have idealized images of what it means to be courageous, take a risk, or go through a period of major transition and growth.

People invoke the quotation, “She leapt, and her wings appeared.” 

But I feel like it should be more like, “She leapt, desperately flapped her arms in a pitiful imitation of a chicken, shrieked like her hair was on fire, shouted obscenities, scrambled to grab an overgrown limb as she plummeted to certain death, was bloodied and bruised as her only companion, the inner critic, berated her nonstop saying, ‘This will never work. You look ridiculous. We’re going to die.’ She was about to give up and curl into the fetal position, then her wings appeared.”

Ok, maybe it’s not always that chaotic. 

I’ve had moments of pure grace, where I leapt and magic really did appear quickly. But I’ve also had times where it felt like I was clawing my way towards the magic. 

No matter what, it’s still worth it. 

Here’s why: The more you leap, the more you build faith in yourself and in your soul’s ability to show up for you when you begin showing up for your higher self.

So today I invite you to ask yourself; “Hmm, in what way do I want to take a leap in my life?”

And then remember to be extra gentle and kind with yourself as you leap. You may feel bruised and buffeted about for a while. And eventually, you will land in a new place that will feel not only more solid, but also more true for who you are today.

May you leap in your own messy, authentic way,



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