Today, we have a very special video to help you get clear on what you need as we close out the year.


Our go-go-go culture doesn’t encourage us to pause, reflect and grieve before moving on to the next. 

The end of the year is a beautiful time to process and integrate all that’s happened in the past twelve months.

Today’s video includes a guided meditation to help you:

  • Feel clear, bright and energized by filling yourself with white light
  • Tune into your heart center as you ask; “what do I need to grieve or let go of right now?”
  • Feel more at peace with the projects, experiences, or losses from the past year

Maybe you’re feeling disappointed about a project or vacation that never happened. Maybe you’re missing a loved one.

Try not to judge it. 

Just honor it, feel it, and release it.

Allowing yourself to feel what’s true will support your own healing. 

This is how you expand into more joy and move forward in an integrated way.

Honor + Release.

Take the time and space you need.

Simple Year End Ritual:

Get out two pieces of paper. 

On the first piece of paper, write down something you want to let go of from the past year. It could be a project that didn’t come to fruition, or a certain way of being, like “people-pleasing.” 

On the second piece of paper, write down something you want to call in for the New Year. It could be an exciting new relationship, a project, or a way of being, like “creative expansion with ease and playfulness.” 

Find a quiet place, in nature or in a sacred, cozy spot in your home. Light a candle. Have a bowl that you can place a burning piece of paper into nearby. 

To get grounded and centered, say to yourself or out loud, “I (your full name), align with the light of love, wisdom and truth.” 

Then, take the first piece of paper that says what you want to release. Hold it in your hand as you say aloud, “I let this go. I release it with love and ease.” Burn this piece of paper as you imagine releasing it from your energetic field.

Next, read what you want to invite in aloud by saying, “I call in xxx.” You can bury this second piece of paper in your yard, or place it somewhere special in your home, or on your altar. 

Trust yourself and make this ritual your own. 

There are no hard and fast rules. 

Maybe you want to rip up the first piece of paper into tiny shreds and put them in a bowl of water. Or maybe you want to take the second piece of paper and place it under your pillow.

You are your own best authority.

Trust your process, take some space alone, the rest will take care of itself.

May you let go of what’s no longer serving you, and call in more of what you want in 2022.

With love,


P.S. If you want support calling in more stillness, quiet and joy in 2022, join our 30 Day Meditation Challenge! It’s just 5 minutes a day.


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