how we “In speaking with senior leaders at Fortune 500 companies, and mom friends in the neighborhood over the past few weeks, there is common thread.

 As we re-enter the world in a COVID vaccine era, many of us are feeling;

  • Social anxiety about being around people again
  • Dread at resuming certain activities like work travel
  • Fear of losing the spaciousness and simplicity we’ve come to enjoy
  • Concern at becoming over-scheduled

One executive at Salesforce told me; 

“I’m traveling for work next week and I’ll be missing my son’s baseball game. In the past, missing his games was just a regular occurrence. But now it’s like – wait, I have to miss his game?! It’s a big deal. And it feels heavy, going back on the road, resuming all of that.”

Another CEO mom friend shared; 

“I’m editing back IN, instead of editing out. I’m being very selective about what I will say yes to as we re-enter the world.”

A dear friend expressed sadness and fear of getting wrapped up in the over-scheduling, frantic pace of life that was our baseline pre-COVID.

How can we re-enter this “new normal” in a thoughtful way?

Well, it’s simple.

It starts with taking the time to be thoughtful about your re-entry. It really is that easy.

Begin to question what you are willing to say “yes” to and what you want to say “No” to. Edit IN, instead of having to edit out down the road.

Journaling – great path to access your truth.

Writing stream of consciousness or with a deliberate set of questions can help you get at what’s been bugging you and what boundaries you want to set to support yourself.

Take some quiet time, go to a cozy nook in your house or your favorite spot outside, and journal on these questions:


What have I really missed over the past year when I couldn’t see people or resume normal activities? What is one thing that I want to prioritize bringing back? (friends, activities, experiences)

I am going to reach out to _____________ to bring more ____________ back in my life.


What has been taken off my plate or removed from my schedule that I want to KEEP off my plate, or at least lessen? (friends, activities, experiences) 

Even if I get FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), I will say “no” to _______________.


What do I need? What is going to support me during this time of transition? What will nourish me right now, this week?

Right now, what will really nourish me is ________________.

One of my best girlfriends and I were on a walk this weekend, talking about how we wanted to be with our kids and family for Mother’s Day, but also wanted to be completely alone. We both have felt exhausted, impatient, short and snappy with our kids recently. 

Being short with others is always a red flag to recharge my battery.

Whenever I get impatient and annoyed with my kids, I know that I’m not nourishing myself and my needs. 

So, my girlfriend and I will be taking one hour a day just for ourselves to recharge, knowing we will show up better at work and at home if we prioritize this. (working out during that hour does not count, that is baseline self-care.) During that hour, I will do something completely indulgent just for me. Maybe it’s going on a walk, reading a book just for fun, or lying on the floor listening to music. Regardless, I know that time alone doing whatever the heck I want to do for that hour is what will nourish me right now.  🙂 

I’d love to hear what you’re doing to navigate this transition.

Leave a comment BELOW and let us know;

What’s helping you move through social anxiety, or ensure that you only say “yes” to activities, people and experiences that truly feel good?

Let’s crowdsource some solutions here! Plus, the more we all share, the more we’ll all know that we aren’t alone in having these feelings.

Time alone to recharge always works.

What will nourish you? I’d love to know! Leave a comment here and tell us. It might just be the inspiration someone else needs.

If you aren’t sure what to do to nourish yourself, try taking one hour a day just for you

(or even 10 minutes will help.

May you navigate this transition with as much grace, ease and joy as possible,


P.S. If you want to listen to a guided meditation to help you cultivate acceptance for what is, try this Equanimity Practice!


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