In difficult times, many of us turn to our loved ones and wise mentors for support. This Thursday, I’ll be having a conversation with one of my mentors, Martha Beck, on “The Light Inside the Dark.”

Martha has doled out pearls of wisdom on Oprah, advised a bajillion people through her weekly column in O Magazine, and written several NYT Bestsellers. She earned her B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees from Harvard (so you know she’s legit), all in the social sciences. She is, in the words of USA Today, “one of the best-known life coaches in America.” 

Register NOW to hear her wisdom on how to navigate the current climate and find light inside the dark.

 Martha Beck’s live teaching is part of our weekly “Bringing Calm to COVID” (Virtual) Gatherings. 

**If you already registered for Bringing Calm to COVID, no need to re-register. Just click your Zoom link at 9:30am PST this Thursday to join me and Martha LIVE!

If it weren’t for our shadow, our light couldn’t exist.

Ten years ago, I chose the name “Akoya Power” for my business (since then, it’s been rebranded to Akoya is a type of japanese pearl bearing oyster. Every pearl must start with a tiny grain of sand, an irritant. This miniscule grain of sand looks like an insignificant nuisance. But if it weren’t for the grain of sand, the pearl couldn’t exist.  

The pearl is a beautiful metaphor for awakening.  

On my own journey, I’ve discovered that the darkest moments of my life – without fail – have held the key to finding my light and the secret to whatever I’ve been longing for. If it weren’t for all the difficulties and irritants in my life, I wouldn’t exist as I am today. 

But what about when things feel really dark and difficult. Where’s the light now? 

If the darkness hasn’t led you to the light, it’s only because you’re not all the way through the tunnel yet. Hang in there. Your pearl is on its way to becoming.  

Begin by getting curious; 

How is your discomfort, grief or pain giving birth to the next version of you? 

What is the gift or opportunity in this situation (however small it may appear)?

Right now, we’re all experiencing both personal and collective grains of sand (more like desert storms!)

How is this current environment creating the pressure that could result in increased creativity? 

How is the darkness causing people to show up and come together in new ways to let our lights shine more brightly in the world at this time? 

Let’s explore the light in the darkness together. Witnessing someone else’s spark of light may inspire you to ignite yours too.  Join us! 

May you find beauty, love and light in the midst of pain, grief and the darkest of tunnels, 



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