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Do you struggle to feel motivated?

This past Sunday, our son James turned three (cupcake in an ice cream cone was a huge hit! Shout out to Chad and Megan)

The week leading up to his birthday, I was emotional that my last baby is no longer a baby. Part of me just wants to cling to him, and not have him grow up.

Time with my kids has always been important, which is why I’ve created a business I love that allows me to have a flexible schedule.

But watching James turn three, and looking at our six year old Eva, I can see how he’ll be independent and have a more structured life with school, playdates and sports before I know it.

They’re so precious, and I want even more time with them.

In conjunction with craving more time with my kids, I’ve also been slightly less motivated at work. Projects that usually excite me were feeling like a burden.

Do you struggle to feel motivated at work?

What if your lack of motivation isn’t an internal problem, but rather the outward symptom of a deeper underlying truth?

Recently, I was evaluating some new work opportunities, and asking; “Hmmm, which of these is my top priority right now?” But nothing was giving me a big YES. Then it hit me…

My kids are my top priority right now.

And, I still want to do high impact, meaningful work – just less of the time.

I remember one woman in our Create Work You Love program saying; “Vanessa, I just want to find a meaningful role doing meaty work, part time. Why is that so hard?”

Michelle Obama.

Michelle is a great role model when it comes to honoring what’s true for you. When she became first lady, she’s notorious for having said her top priority was to be Mom-in-Chief.

Sasha and Malia were her main focus, and yet she also ended up using her platform as First Lady to create lasting change in our country.

But she didn’t try to do everything.

She focused on a few key initiatives and made a real difference in those areas. She built momentum over time.

She honored her truth as both a mother and a change maker.

Getting curious about my own ambition, sadness about my kids growing up, desire to spend more time with them, desire to scale a successful business…I’ve realized a few things.

First, my lack of “motivation” at work isn’t because I’m lazy, or a procrastinator, or too scattered to focus on one thing (although that does happen), it’s primarily because I don’t want to be working this much.

My lack of motivation is a sign that my higher self is sending to remind me that I want my energy, attention, time and focus to be more with my children right now.

In the past, when I’ve struggled to feel motivated at work, it’s also been a sign that it’s not the right work for me to be doing.

Whether you have kids or not, your lack of motivation may have deeper root causes.

When I’ve needed to make a big change with my career, or just focus on a different project at work, a lack of motivation is often the sign post guiding me to that deeper truth.

I invite you to consider a new possibility…

What if your lack of motivation isn’t the problem?

Maybe the problem is we’re not listening to ourselves.

We’re trying to push ourselves to be someone we’re not, or do something that isn’t what we really want to be doing.

So today I ask you; where do you struggle to feel motivated in your life? And what is the deeper truth you’ve been ignoring that’s underneath your lack of motivation?

Let us know whether you struggle to feel motivated, and if there might be deeper reasons behind your feelings.

Leave a comment below.

May you create work and a life you love,


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Photo Credit:  Artem Kovalev on Unsplash


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