When I was in undergrad, there was a small indoor gym with an even smaller track. You’d have to run in circles about 837 times to complete one mile. And there was this girl who’d run laps over and over again…with her arms flailing. She just let her arms loose at her sides.

“Boneless” like a rag doll.

Here’s the full story…

It was quite a sight. I still think about it 23 years later. Why has this image stuck in my brain? 

Because this girl owned her weird. 

She had a way of running that was so unique to her. And she just did it. 

This made her unforgettable to me. 

We all have aspects of ourselves that are so completely unique. These are the parts that many of us hide because they don’t conform to the norm. We dismiss and underestimate these parts as “not that valuable” because they seem random, different or downright strange.

And yet…

What if these parts are the most memorable? The most impactful? 

What if these are the qualities that will stick in someone else’s mind for 23 years?!

Owning your unique genius is one of the fastest ways I know to exponentially expand your joy, abundance and ease. 

When you’re doing what is truly unique to you, other people notice. 

They respond to it. They remember it. They want more of it. 

They want more of you.

As I’ve deepend into the journey of self-discovery over the past thirteen years, I’ve come to believe that we’re all longing to be more fully ourselves. To figure out who we BE. In our core, our heart and our soul. And to be more of that. 

So…..how can you own your weird?! How can you be even more YOU?

A great place to start is by asking friends, colleagues and family members to help you identify the things that are truly unique to you.

You can start with the Friends and Family Genius Survey from Chapter 4 (p. 55) of my new book The Soul Solution

Read page 55 for the full instructions, here’s a snippet:

  • What is the most impactful gift or thing that I do that has value for others or an organization? What do you think I’m really good at?
  • What is unique about how I do things or how I show up? How is it distinctive from other people?
  • What do you get from me as a friend/family member/colleague that you don’t get from anyone else?

It’s a paradox – the more you identify, celebrate, honor and own your weirdness, the more successful you’ll be! 

What if the very parts of yourself that you think are “too much” or “too out there” are the key to your greatest levels of fulfillment, joy and abundance? 

What if…

…your weirdness is your superpower? 

Like if toe cheese was the world’s finest camembert. Ok, that metaphor stinks. Haha. Get it?!  See – that’s my weirdness. Bad jokes. Don’t you love me sooo much more now that I shared that toe cheese joke with you?! 

If you don’t love me more, well, just forget I said that. That wasn’t me. My 7 year old son took over the keyboard and wrote that bad joke. You know how little kids are, they love bathroom humor. Just say “F-A-R-T” and you’re basically Jim Carey. Shooting fish in a barrel. But I digress…

Back to your weirdness. Please show more of it. We all like it. Ok?

May we all own our weird and be more ourselves,


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