Breakdown before the breakthrough.

In the world of personal development that I’ve been steeped in the past ten years, there’s an expression that the “breakdown leads to the breakthrough.” Often, a very difficult circumstance acts as a catalyst to help you transform to the next version of YOU. 

Global breakdown = global breakthrough.

The interesting thing about our current circumstances is that literally everyone in the world is going through a breakdown at the same time. This has never happened before in most of our lifetimes.

The way we live, work, move around, go to school, exercise, eat, care-give, connect…everything has fundamentally shifted. 

All the old patterns and ways of being and doing have been interrupted. 

Disruption, while difficult, offers massive opportunity. 

We’re in a special moment in time. This circuit break in old patterning offers the chance to be intentional during this pause so that we can rewire our lives and our world for the better.

To get the breakthrough, you must be intentional and honest.

While everyone will experience the breakdown, not everyone will have the breakthrough. Some individuals, communities and businesses will transform and thrive as a result of this experience. Others will survive.

The breakthrough is not guaranteed. It requires intention, commitment to change, self-reflection, and taking a good honest look at yourself and your life to assess what’s working and what’s not. 

Exciting news…

We’re working on developing new programs and offerings to support you in being intentional about the life you want to create post-COVID. 

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COVID is breaking down old ways of living, working and being.  We believe the challenges of these times can actually be portals – to greater purpose, soul alignment, growth, and human potential.  As you imagine navigating challenges ahead, and intentionally creating your “new normal,” what would you most want to get out of joining a coaching circle or program?

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P.S. This Thursday will be our last Live Global Virtual Gathering to “Bring Calm to COVID” (sniff, sniff). Don’t forget to join us from 9:30am – 11:30am PST. We’ll be talking about what you’d like in a post-COVID world and how to be intentional during this time.

Register HERE if you haven’t already.


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