Yesterday at swim practice, our daughter Eva came running out of the pool crying.

Scared and overwhelmed.

She said; “Mommy, it’s too hard. I can’t do what they’re asking me to do.”

Some of the kids are strong swimmers and Eva’s still learning to swim. She was being challenged at the extreme end of her capabilities, and it was uncomfortable.

Learning a new skill is often scary and uncomfortable.

After taking a break and talking about it, I asked if she could get back in the pool and try her best, whatever that looked like (even if it was well below the coaches standards).

Choosing not to quit, even when it’s hard, is an important lesson.

She got back in the pool, and with the help of a coach, tried something new.

That night I told her I was really proud of her because she was scared, and it was hard, and she did it anyway.

Getting back in the pool of life.

Recently, I was disappointed with the results of a project at work. I felt discouraged and wanted to give up.

After taking some time to express my sadness and frustration, I decided not to let this setback stop me.

What if the difference between success and failure is refusing to give up?

Persistence = Refusing to give up = Key to success.

As a weekly contributor for Forbes, I interviewed a lot of extremely successful CEOs and entrepreneurs. When I asked for the secret to their success, the most common response was… persistence.

This is true in all areas of life.

I spent some time with my cousin this past weekend. In the past, she’s had trouble standing up for herself in romantic relationships. Recently, she met an incredible man with whom she has a strong connection. After a rocky start due to long distance, he was about to give up and end things.

She refused to accept it.

Laughing, she shared with me how she’d told this fabulous man he could NOT break up with her.

And he agreed!

It was a new feeling for her to take a stand for what she wanted and refuse to give up. Now she’s happily dating a man she loves.

Failure is inevitable. How we handle it makes all the difference.

If we treat all failure as feedback, and we persist, it’s just one little bump on the road to success.

The next time you experience failure, see if you can reframe it as feedback by asking; “Hmmm, what have I learned from this? What’s the gift in this?”

I’d love to know – what has helped you keep going when you’ve wanted to give up? Leave a comment below!



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