Do you read a lot of books?

If you’re anything like me, you’re always searching for a great read.

Every time I go on vacation, I create a Facebook post asking for great book recommendations, and several women have told me they count on this crowd-sourced list of fabulous fiction every few months!

Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite books with you.  

Whether you’re looking for a fun, fictional story or something that will stir your soul, we’ve got you covered.

Check out the Vanessa Loder recommended reading list HERE.

Here are a few of my favorite fiction books right now:

In addition to the books above, the Vanessa Loder Recommended Reading list includes my favorite “betterment” books.

These books will change how you see yourself and the world.

Some of my all time favorites include:

And finally, my latest read You Are a Badass, offers a fun and sassy take on self-help.


I’d love to hear from you – what are some of your favorite books?  Either fiction or self-help & personal development. What’s the best page turner you’ve read? Or what book really inspires you?

Share YOUR book recommendations in the comments below!


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