Happy New Year! I hope you found time to unplug and recharge not only your phone, but also your spirit during the holidays. 😉

While I had a lovely holiday break, I’m also happy that our kids are back in school and I have the house to myself for the first time in two weeks. It’s glorious. #quiet  

Continuing with our theme of 5 Reasons why you should meditate…today is Reason #3!

Reason # 3 – To stay married (i.e. how to handle intimacy without strangling someone)

(in case you missed the others, check them out below)

Reason #2 – Because even monks get jealous (spoiler alert: we’re all crazy)

Reason #1 – Because people are annoying and kids are difficult


Our cat was sick, our daughter was crying, my husband was short tempered – and then this happened…

So, if you want to learn how to show up as the most calm, patient, empathetic version of you possible in 2023 (and have better relationships!), join our Free 30 Day Meditation Challenge!

Hope to see you there,

P.S.  I’ll be hosting 3 LIVE Meditation + Q&A Sessions as part of this 30 Day Challenge! (via Zoom – sessions will be recorded, you must register to receive recordings)

1/6 @ 12:00 pm Eastern Time/9:00 am Pacific Time 

1/27 @ 3:00 pm Eastern Time/12:00 pm Pacific Time 

2/03 @ 12:00 pm Eastern Time/9:00 am Pacific Time 


Be sure to register, and share this link with your friends and family so they can join you. Can’t wait to see you there!  



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