Fall is officially here in the US.

Visits to the pumpkin patch, pumpkin lattes, pumpkin bread…can you have too much pumpkin?!

Also, what’s everyone’s stance on corn mazes? Do you cheat and take a picture of the maze on your phone (if available) or try to get out the hard = real way?

We cheated.

And then I felt guilty that I wasn’t teaching my kids to be resilient or problem-solve.

Then I realized I should stop analyzing everything like a pop psychologist at a pumpkin patch and go shoot some melons out of a cannon instead. So we did.

Launching mini pumpkins 100+ yards was pretty dang fun! (and loud)

Speaking of shooting things out of canons, we want to shoot some fun events your way…

If you live in Austin, TX or Northern CA, come join one of our Soul Solution Book Talks!

Upcoming Book Launch Events

Austin, TX Oct 27-28th: Book Talk + Q&A @ Private Home
(**I’ll be leading the brand new timeline jumping future self visualization at this event!)

Novato, CA (near Marin) Nov 6th: Book Ceremony + Talk @ Sukha Yoga Studio

San Francisco, CA Nov 16th “Women CFO Live” Event @The Battery (for Women in Finance)

Stay tuned for Book Launch events in Salt Lake City, UT and Portland, OR!

If you want to host a Book Talk in your city for a group of 25+, email robyn@vanessaloder.com

Pumpkins + podcasts.

You can never have too many pumpkins, but can you have too many podcasts?!

Here are two podcasts you may enjoy…

Podcast Rec #1
My dear friend and soul sister Anne Robie, former Head of HR at StubHub who now runs her own “people brilliance” consulting firm and is a self-proclaimed “enneagram nerd” has a delightful podcast called Flowing East to West. Anne and her co-host Sherry dive deep into people’s perfectly imperfect journeys, something you may appreciate as a member of our community.

Listen HERE: Flowing East to West

Podcast Rec #2
I was recently introduced to these two young women who started the “F*ck It All” podcast to share more stories of women refusing to do “it all” and redefining what “it all” is all about. These ladies are on fire! I love their mission, their message and the community they’re building.

Listen HERE: F*ck It All

Happy pumpkin picking + podcast listening! Hope to see you at an upcoming book talk.

Much love,


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