I messed up. And my 6 year old son James gave me the advice I most needed to hear…

The other weekend in Tahoe, I messed up in a small way by signing our daughter up for the wrong week of summer camp (NOT with all her friends). The night before, I had anxiety nightmares about missing the dang 7am sign-up window. And I had nightmares about some other (bigger) mistakes I made last year. 

The next morning, I sat in the ski lodge crying. I was feeling bad about myself and my mistakes. It wasn’t really about the silly summer camp registration. It was about these other poor choices I made last year. 

It was *really* about the belief that if I make a bad choice = I am bad.

My son James turned to me and said; “Mommy, mistakes are just learnings.”

It was such an important reminder and, coming from the mouth of a 6 year old (with his little lisp, it sounded like; “Mommy, mistakes are just wearnings,”) it made me smile and helped me stop beating myself up.

Then, I went to the bathroom to have a good cry. Which can be a good release. But as I sat in the stall, I no longer felt sad. Because all I could hear was my son’s little voice saying; “Mommy, mistakes are just wearnings.”

There are two paths to take when you make a mistake:

Mistake -> Feel bad = I’m bad. I suck. I can’t do anything right. I can’t be trusted. I’m disorganized. I never get it right. What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I behave correctly / be organized / be on the ball?

Mistake -> Get curious and kind = I’m just a little bunny doing my best. What can I learn from this? What do I want to do differently next time? How can I be extra kind and patient with myself in this moment?

Popping yourself into humor helps you transition from self-criticism to curiosity. 

For me, hearing my son’s little voice say; “Mistakes are just wearnings” immediately puts me into humor, which then bridges me towards kindness and curiosity.

What helps you change your self-talk and your attitude when you make a mistake? Would love to know! Please leave a comment below and let us know.

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May we all be kind and gentle to ourselves whether we make mistakes or do it all perfectly,


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