A little over three years ago, I had a dream about a book with an Egyptian goddess head on a bright white cover. I didn’t know exactly what that meant. There was a lot still to be revealed, but the main message my body woke up feeling was…it’s time.

It’s time to write the book.

So I did.

I began on the book proposal. And life happened, as it does. My mom got sick and died. I paused. I grieved. I began again. I hired someone to help structure the book proposal. I wrote. And I wrote. I focused on my message. I found an agent. I got a book deal with SoundsTrue (woo hoo!!).

Then I wrote. And wrote. And meditated. And stood in the pantry eating chocolate like a nefarious racoon. And gorged on cheetos while watching the Bachelorette. And wrote some more. During meditation, I called on the Egyptian Goddess Isis for wisdom and guidance. Surprisingly, she showed up! Magic happened. Outside editing also happened. Chapters changed order. Things began to crystalize.

And now, three years since I had that potent dream…

I’m ready to share it with you, dear one.

The Soul Solution is officially available for pre-order …Yay!!!!

THE SOUL SOLUTION: A Guide for Brilliant, Overwhelmed Women to Quiet the Noise, Find Their Superpower and (Finally) Feel Satisfied.

My greatest hope is that this book inspires you to trust yourself and give yourself permission to follow your dreams, wherever they may take you, no matter how weird, crazy or “random” they appear.

Here’s the official blurb…

This book is for women who are tired of people-pleasing, doing what they “should” do or pursuing achievement for achievement’s sake. The Soul Solution offers a roadmap for burned out, unfulfilled women to learn how to trust themselves and claim their power in a world that often negates it.

For many women, it’s the same kind of story—we hustle to overachieve at work and at home, all in the hopes that we can “crush it” until we finally feel fulfilled. This book invites you to consider a different question: “What if the point isn’t to crush it in life, but to savor it?”

The Soul Solution offers an authentic and practical guide to help women recover our true selves—and our joy in living. This road map includes;

• The Whispers of Your Soul—the three key steps for tuning out the noise and accessing authenticity
• Your Energetic Bread Crumbs—how the universe signals to you when you’re on the right path
• Discover Your Superpower—why you’ve been ignoring your most valuable gifts, and how to reclaim them
• From Tunnel Vision to Visionary—ways to break out of the “shame cycle” of patriarchal culture and own your destiny
• Quieting the Inner Critic—how to retrain your inner voices to encourage and support you
• The Upward Spiral—using the SAT method (Surrender, Allow, Trust) to get more of what you want with greater ease

Please please please order your copy TODAY! And share this link with anyone in your life who has struggled with choosing others over themselves, their own knowing and their sovereignty.

Now is the time.
The time for women to reclaim our power in world that tries to negate it.
The time for us to stop hiding and start living.
The time for us to lead our planet forward in its next phase of evolution.
The time for us to trust ourselves and our knowing.
The time for us to live, breathe, move in the world from a place of deep alignment with our souls and inspire others to do the same.

We can do this. Together, we rise.


P.S. IMPORTANT: When you pre-order your copy of The Soul Solution: Save! Your! Receipt! That’s your ticket to an incredible, immersive online coaching experience I’m offering this fall. It’s designed to help you rewire your nervous system, brain and body for truly satisfying success. It’s a brand new program that you only get for free if you pre-order the book before October 4th.



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